Monday, December 17, 2012

Follow the Star, Ateneo de Naga Chapel

Follow the Star
Ateneo de Naga Chapel

On the second day of 'Bituin',

...the Chirstmas concert featuring
the Ateneo de Naga Choir, 
Ateneo de Naga Chamber Ensemble
and the Village Montessori Children’s choir...

.... I thought there was nothing to left for me
to take pictures of the concert anymore 
as I had done on the first day...

I decided to go out of the Ateneo de Naga Church
and take photos of the facade...

Suddenly, the spot lights 
directed to the church busted,
and in the darkness
I saw the Star above the Belen...

A star I failed to notice 
while the lights were on
was shining bright 
before my very eyes...

I finally found the star ...
the star that what 
the Christmas concert is all about.

'Bituin'. was beautiful.

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