Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Most Delicious Home Made Donuts: Naga City’s (Real) Best Kept Secret

The Most Delicious Home Made Donuts
Naga City’s (Real) Best Kept Secret 

These delicious sugar raised donuts are what
I call  Naga City’s REAL best kept secret.

The reasons? First it is being made by a
restaurant without a name which we call
on a generic name of Bakery where the
only signage in the door says “We’re Open”.

Second, they do not cook the donuts everyday,
that have no regular schedule on when they will bake
 it and they only call us whenever it was available.

Third, the donuts are so delicious, the texture 
of the dough is firm with just the right amount
of sweetness, and bursting with the  flavors
and creamy taste of milk and egg in every bite.

Baked by a bakery with a secret name, being
prepared on secret schedules, with yummy secret
ingredients, these home made sugar raised donuts
qualifies to the real best kept secret category.

For those who wanted to taste this yummy
pastry they may call (54) 4734337, and let
them call whenever the donuts are available.

The bakery without a name is located
right in front of Plaza Medica Bldg.,
and beside a Pharmacy with an interesting
name of “Kings Next Door Pharmacy”,

…which I assume may be referring to the
King of Donuts next door and the pharmacist
may also be a die- hard donut fan like us.


With this blog, the secret is now out.

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