Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria: Sweet Hospitality

Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila 
Sweet Hospitality

We have already stayed twice at the Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila. 
The first time was, about fourteen  years ago, my  daughter was only two
years old then, and we were in transit  in Manila on our way to Toronto.

The second time was about eight years  ago as our transit hotel  in Manila on our
way to New York and Boston, my son was  two years old and my daughter was eight.

After eight years we returned to Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila. 
and I was excited to check how it  looks like after more than 10 years.

Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila has 
a simple three tiered no frills lobby.

It had a friendly front desk staff and when  she learned that
I was  an IHG rewards club member, she gave me a bar of   
chocolate and  a voucher for a free and faster internet access.


The check- in fast and easy, and
we were in our room in a jiffy. 


I cannot remember how a Grand De Luxe Twin Suite 
 looked in the past,  but this is one of the most spacious
standard hotel rooms that I have seen and stayed.

 It did not have living room area but there was a huge 
extra space at the  area between the bed and the wall.

…it  had two huge queen beds where a family of four could fit in,
with  luxurious pillow top mattress lots of soft, fluffy pillows and duvet. 


It had comfortable lounge chair.

 It had huge flat screen LCD TV,

…and a  well stocked mini bar,

 It had panoramic window that offers a  stunning  view  of
 the posh mansions of Corinthian Gardens on one side,

 ...the tall skyscrapers of Ortigas
Center on the other side,

 …and the booming Fort Bonifacio  on the horizon 
which is most of the time shrouded with filthy smog.

 It also had a nice closet, stocked with things 
that would make guests feel at home,

…and a very huge and 
luxurious bathroom,

...with abundant supply of toiletries.

 What I've noticed with the room is that they  installed too many huge 
mirrors in every corner of the room. A vanity area near the working table,

 …a full body mirror by the closet,

…a vanity mirror on the bathroom,

 …and believe it or not, for whatever purpose that it may 
serve,  they installed another mirror by the toilet bowl.


It also had a well equipped working desk  provided with  all kinds   
and all types of electrical outlets and doubles as a vanity area.

 Connectivity is not a problem as it had a free fast Wi Fi internet 
service,  and they even gave me an extra voucher for a faster 
internet connection   being an  IHG Loyalty rewards card member.

There were three land- line 
phones, one in the  working table,

…one by the bedside,

 …and another on the toilet.


Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila  is located in 
Ortigas Center right  beside Robinson’s Galleria Mall,

…and offers a direct access to the mall and 
the nearby Holiday Inn Galleria Manila,

…so there is really a lot of places to visit and 
very close to so many dining destinations.


Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila  shares a common 
leisure area with  Holiday Inn Galleria Manila ,

…with two swimming pools, a small 
kiddie pool and a bigger leisure pool.

It also had a well equipped gym and a spa.

Seven Corners

  Seven Corners serves all day buffet.

But we only got to dine there 
for the free breakfast buffet.

It had a massive spread of 
local and international dishes.

The food is good and 
the service was superb.


 Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila. 
offers one of the most spacious standard 
rooms that we have ever stayed in the past.

The room was impeccably designed, 
the beds are huge and comfortable.

…and despite being a standard room  there are
still a lot of spaces to move and to laze around. 

The huge panoramic windows offers 
a good view of Metro Manila sunrise,

…but the it could at times be depressing  as the guests would wake of at the
dismal sight of the thick early morning  smog that envelopes the city’s horizon.


I would say that this hotel practices a unique sweet hospitality
 as it offered a free chocolate bar upon check- in, 

…and also sent us a very delicious
chocolate cake at night before bedtime.

 The  room costs a little over 5,000 pesos per day so  it’s still 
a great bargain for this spacious and comfortable suite room.


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