Saturday, September 5, 2020

Glorious Éclairs Head On Review: Naga’s Mikawali vs Paris’ Angelina,

Glorious Éclairs Head On Review
Naga’s Mikawali vs Paris’ Angelina,

Angelina is a famous tea house in Paris founded by
Antoine Rumpelmayer an Austrian confectioner in 1903
and it is an institution frequented by elite Parisians.

It is known primarily for its Chocolat l'Africain
an almost pudding-like hot chocolate but the
name is also synonymous with sweets and pastries.

One of its popular offerings is its glorious Éclairs and
we never miss trying them whenever we are in Paris.

Recently, Mikawali has also started producing Éclairs
making the popular pastry readily available in Naga City.

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Here’s a head-on comparison between Éclairs
from Angelina of Paris and Mikawali of Naga City.

Angelina’s Éclair had a perfectly oblong shape with
precisely smooth edges obviously made by a machine,

…while Mikawali’s Eclairs are more irregularly
shaped, and had rustic homemade charm. The
allure of the chef’s  personal touch of being baked
by hands is something that endears than the stunning
mechanical precision of its Parisian counterpart.

Angelina’s Éclair’s delicate choux pastry dough,
was evenly browned, brittle yet creamy to bite
and maybe the reason why it was served with a
spoon as it was supple enough to be spooned out.

Mikawali’s Éclair’s choux pastry dough being handmade
had uneven edges but was also perfectly browned with a
delightful puff pastry consistency. It melts in the mouth
when eaten, the way good old Éclairs are meant to be.

Angelina’s Éclairs have a creamy custard filling
with just the right enough sweetness and not
overwhelmed by the rich chocolate topping,

...while Mikawali’s Eclaires had a more generous 
creamy- custard-like filling and just like its Parisian
counterpart, it blends well with just any topping flavor.

Angelina’s Éclairs come in no-frills imposing packaging.
Sharp, clean-cut,  proudly displaying its brand and
making its presence intensely felt. If looks could kill, the
message is clear: Angelina’s Éclairs are the ultimate éclairs.

Mikawali’s Eclaires does not have that powerful
stamp pad appearance but the best éclairs goes beyond
the beautiful mechanical perfection. The imperfect
perfection of handcrafted éclairs baked and flavored
with a personal touch makes this local version endearing.

Éclair comes from a French word that means ‘flash of lightning.
It was apparently named so because it is very delicious and
irresistibly tempting that it disappears quickly when served.
It is soft and mouthwatering and devoured ‘fast in a flash’

The Éclairs from Angelina’s and Mikawali
are indeed  delicious and  both these éclairs