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Tony Roma’s Anaheim: Legendary Steaks and Ribs (Anaheim, Theme Park City Series 5)

Tony Roma’s Anaheim 
Legendary Steaks and Ribs 
(Anaheim, Theme Park City Series 5) 

We were delighted to know that there was
a Tony Roma restaurant near our hotel.

The last time we dined at Tony Roma  was at 
the Netherlands  and we were happy to return to 
one  of the most popular  steakhouse in the world. 


Tony Roma's Anaheim is located just in front
of Disneyland Park and just few steps from 
del Sol Inn, the hotel where we were staying.

It is a beautiful full service, casual dining
family restaurant where you can find premier
ribs and steaks at affordable budget prices.

Tony Roma’s serves its signature Ribs,
World Famous Onion Loaf, and other steak, chicken 
and seafood entrees to guests every day all over the world.


We dined twice in the restaurant during or five day stay in Anaheim,
 and on our first visit, we ordered the iconic Original Baby Back Ribs.
It is made of tender, lean pork loin meat,  that falls off from the bones,
basted with TR's Original BBQ sauce and seem to melt in your mouth .

It was served with a generous heap coleslaw
and a large baked mashed potato.

We also ordered Shrimp Salmon Piccata  as my young son  wanted 
to eat fish. The pink salmon was perfectly grilled and topped with shrimp 
in lemon caper wine sauce. It was served  with fresh vegetables and
 the best thing with this dish is that  it was  also served with wild rice,
 that we have been missing since we arrived in the US.

The servings were huge so we asked for
extra plates so we could share our food.

On our second visit, initially ordered a bowl of 
Chipotle Sausage and Roasted Vegetable Soup 
that had chipotle chicken sausage, roasted eggplant,
red bell peppers, zucchini, fennel, wild rice- which
the kids mistook for a thick, delicious Jambalaya.

We also ordered Ultimate Grill Power Combo made up of
half rack Carolina Honeys St. Louise  Style Ribs, a pork
rib cooked with more natural marbling and seasoned with
Tony Roma’s original BBQ Sauce, Grilled Shrimp Skewers, 
with bell peppers, red onions, with  scampi butter and Tony’s
special seasoning and a tender cut of medium rare Siroloin Steak. 

The Filet Mignon Medallions, a melt-in-your
mouth, lean cut  of boneless medium rare beef
steak was served  with wild rice and dinner salad.

Our table was filled with the finest beef, ribs
and fresh seafood, seasoned with savory spices and
flawlessly smoked to mouth watering perfection
and basted with their tasty original signature sauces.

As what their webpage says “These are the stuffs
legends are made of”- and I say and I believe them.

Their legendary steaks and ribs are worth coming 
back again and again,  anywhere you are in the world.

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