Saturday, July 20, 2019

Korea House: Best Tuna Sashimi, Best Korean Restaurant in Naga.

Korea House
Best Tuna Sashimi, 
Best Korean Restaurant in Naga. 

It was one of our frequent dine out with our employees and
household staff when everyone agreed to try Korean dishes.

Korea House is Naga City’s best Korean restaurant,

…that offers a massive spread of Korean 
dishes, in their eat all you can buffet.

Indeed- there is no doubt that this is the place to go,
 if one wants to gorge out on authentic Korean food,

as it is owned by Koreans, and 
they also have Korean chefs.


All the while, we thought that nothing can beat
any sashimi coming from a Japanese restaurant
but when they served what probably the freshest,
and the creamiest tuna sashimi- we are hooked.


Korean’s do sashimi better than
Japanese at least in Naga City.

Korea House has a wonderful a la carte
 restaurant at KJA Hotel in Almeda.

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