Saturday, July 13, 2019

CocoNatz: Best of Bicol Cuisine

Best of Bicol Cuisine

CocoNatz is owned by Natz, a restaurateur, so it is
easy to assume the reason behind the Coco prefix
on his name. The restaurant specializes in Bicolano
dishes where coconut milk  is a staple ingredient.


It was our first time to dine here
so we didn’t know what to expect,


and it was a love at first sight for us-


 on the beautiful, airy and modern interiors.


We started our dinner with CocoNatz Ukoy as appetizer.
The fritters made with glutinous rice batter, shrimps,
finely shredded carrots and what appears to be sweet
potato deep dried to an addicting crispy perfection.


The Kare Kare had a thick savory peanut sauce,
topped with various fresh crunchy veggies with
beef and oxtail stewed to a gelatinous tenderness.


The Lechon Kawali tasted so good.
Tender and juicy inside while the skin
was deep fried to crispy perfection.


CocoNatz’ Sinaglay na Tilapia was cooked and prepared the
way it should be. The tilapia was initially burnt in coal with
scales intact. It was stuffed with chopped onions and tomatoes.
Stewed in “gata” with malunggay leaves, which together with
the burnt scales gives a delightful bitter aftertaste to the dish.


We loved the Tortang Talong. The eggplant was dipped
in an tasty egg mixture and fried into an omelette. It was
so delicious that we ordered another one to take home

While it was love at first sight for us for CocoNatz’ pleasing interiors
It was also love at first bite the their yummy true blue Bicolano dishes.

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