Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Kuya J’s Halo Halo

Kuya J’s Halo Halo

Kuya J is one blockbuster restaurant since they
opened in Robinsons Place Naga’s Al Fresco-


…and it is their Halo- halo that kept people coming
back and piling up the queue at their waiting area.


We have already  tried all their Halo- halo flavors, but one 
thing I noticed-  it is not the  usual crushed- ice halo- halo 
where   you could  still bite crunchy bits and pieces of ice.


They use something that appears like finely shaved
synthetic ice, without the melt on the mouth feel
of crushed ice  that I find more refreshing as it
that the halo- halo’s uber sweetness as it melts.

The classic Chow King Halo- halo with
coarse crushed ice is still the best for me.

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