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Crowne Plaza’s Suite Room: Luxury, Space, Affordability

Crowne Plaza’s Suite Room
Luxury, Space, Affordability 

I reviewed this hotel 5 years ago with Sweet Hospitality label
as they provided IHG guests with free cakes, chocolates
and pastries, and were not offered on our succeeding stays.

of the same room few months ago.

We returned to Crowne Plaza,


... this time, we  stayed in their 
1 Bedroom Executive Suite


We stayed in 1 Bedroom Executive Suite, and it has
 beautiful living room with modern contemporary design.

There was a huge comfortable sofa
which could function as an extra bed,


…with an  oval center table.


In front was a large multi- purpose utility table


...that also serves as a vanity area,


… as a mini bar,


…and also holds the flat screen TV,
with superb audio/video systems.

There was a study table on one side provided
with all kinds and all types of electrical outlets


The living room is so huge and very spacious.

The Bedroom was just as spacious.

There was a comfortable king sized bed,
with the pillow top mattress the soft, fluffy
pillows and duvet smelled very fresh. 

There comfortable lounge chair near the bed.

…as well as huge flat screen LCD TV.

The closet was spacious,


… and filled with amenities like slippers and bathrobes
but interestingly it did not have an electronic safe.

The bathroom was very large-

…and very luxurious,


…abundantly supplied with toiletries.





There was a bathtub,


…and separate shower rooms.


The toilet and bath is accessible
both from the bedroom,

…and from the portal near the living room.


Interestingly this hotel room
had a mirror in every corner.

One vanity area near the utility table,

…another at study table,

 …a full body mirror by the portal,

…a vanity mirror on the bathroom,

 …and believe it or not there was none in the bedroom.

Connectivity is not a problem as
it had a free fast Wi Fi internet, 

There were three land- line 
phones, one in the  working table,

…one by the bedside,

 …and another one on the toilet.

 It had panoramic window that offers a view  of the posh 
mansions of Corinthian Gardens,  the skyscrapers of 
Ortigas Center and of the booming Fort Bonifacio 

This post is just a room review and will
not include a review of the amenities as I
have already done that in my previous posts.


We returned to Crown Plaza just few
weeks after out last stay in the hotel,

…and stayed in one of their biggest suites.


I once reviewed this hotel with Sweet Hospitality label
as they provided IHG guests with free chocolates,
cakes and pastries. Those were not offered this time.


For the past two decades Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila
is a well maintained hotel, gone was the sweet hospitality-


…but it is worth coming back for, with an assurance
of another awesome  hotel experience in every visit.


There is no doubt, this is one of
our favorite hotels in the Philippines.

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