Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Red Platter’s Crispy Sisig: Bicolano Sisig to Die For

Red Platter’s Crispy Sisig 
Bicolano Sisig to Die For

Red Platter is one of my family’s favorite restaurants
but the horrible traffic in Magsaysay and the lack of
parking space at the Cereza where it is located are two
reasons why we haven’t dined here for a long very  time.


It is one of the rare moments that we chanced into
a vacant parking space, so we got to dine here again.


Red Platter is a beautiful restaurant with homey
ambiance that serves delicious Bicolano dishes,



…but we had a pleasant surprise when we
tried their Crispy Sisig for the first time.


Sisig is making waves in the global culinary scene
was given a delightful crunchy twist by using fried
pork mixed with a sweetish- tangy mayo dressing
It was spiced with just the right sting of siling labuyo.

A delightful Bicolano twist to this Kapmpangan dish.
A yummy sisig to die for, literally and metaphorically 

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