Saturday, August 17, 2019

Cibo: Italian Cuisine at Its Best

Italian Cuisine at Its Best 

As a culinary prelude to our upcoming trio to Italy,
we had lunch in Italianni’s which we tremendously
enjoyed. We could never get enough of Italian food
so we dined in Cibo to sample another Italian fare.

The Pineapple Slush, 

… and the Fresh Lemonade
were very refreshing.

There was and abundance of various chopped fresh veggies
on the Ministrone alla Genovese or Garden Vegetable Soup.
It was a deliciously chunky, tasty yet healthy meal starter.

We loved the Beef Tenderloin Steak. Listed as Manzo Tagliata
in the menu it was cooked to a tender medium rare perfection.
Served with grilled onion tomatoes and chewy ciabatta bread.

Our all time favorite dish; the juicy pan seared Tuna.
Labeled as Tonno in the menu, it was teeming with
the taste and aroma of fragrant herbs and spices.
It was served with grilled onion, grilled tomatoes,
and a generous mound herbed risotto on the sides.


We concluded our dinner with a gloriously delicious 
Apple Pie. The best that we have ever tasted so far.


So far we enjoyed the two Italian restaurants
where we dined while we were renewing our
Shcengen Visa for our upcoming European trip.


Both served as a wonderful culinary
prelude for family’s Italian vacation.

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