Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Acting Café: Pudong Airport, Shanghai China

Acting Café 
Pudong Airport, Shanghai China 

On our way back to Manila after a 2- week vacation in Shanghai,
we stumbled upon Acting Café at the Pudong  International Airport.


It was just right at the departure area
and we decided to have our lunch there.


Shrimp Wonton with Noodles is my family’s favorite
comfort food. This classic wonton noodle soup was so
tasty and a perfect prelude to an authentic Chinese meal.

The boneless Braised Spare Ribs was very tender.
Bathed in a fragrant sauce laced with ginger and herbs.
and was served with a generous mound of white rice.


Sirloin Steak just might be America’s favorite cut of beef,
but the Chinese chef cooked the steak without skimping
the flavor. I have never tasted any other melt in your mouth
steak that is so luscious and leaves a tasty buttery aftertaste.

The Assorted Barbecued Meat was heaven served in a platter.
A combination of three lip smacking barbecue treats; flawlessly
roasted duck, oven baked pork rind with wonderful crunchy skin
and slabs of  braised pork grilled to mouth-watering perfection.

Acting Café gave my family’s most awesome culinary
conclusion for our two- week China spring vacation.

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