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Hotel Majestic: Tranquil Abode in Lourdes (Immaculate Lourdes Series 1)

Hotel Majestic 
Tranquil Abode in Lourdes
Immaculate Lourdes Series 1

We arrived at late in the afternoon at the Hotel Majestic 

…after a long haul trip from Naga City 
with an overnight stay in Manila, 

… a stop over in Singapore, 


…another stop over in CDG Airport in Paris,

…a frenzy limousine ride to Paris’ Orly Airport 

…and we finally arrived post noon at the 
Tarbes–Lourdes–Pyrénées Airport  

We took a taxi to Hotel Majestic  located 
right within the Lourdes city center. 


Hotel Majestic is a small 3 star hotel
set in a centuries old building,

…with a contemporary designed
 lobby,  of old colonial flair.

The lobby seats were comfortable,
and had a small reading area..

...a computer center where guests could sue for free,

....and a shoe shine area.  

The people at front desk we’re cordial and friendly-


...and we were immediately in our room at the fourth floor 
that was accessible either by a small elevator and by a
centuries old, well preserved winding wooden stairway.


This would be our home for the next four
days of our three- week European vacation. 


Ours was a Quad Room at the 4th floor with 2 queen beds
  and was spacious enough to accommodate four persons.


It had .a huge flat screen TV,

...a working and reading desk,
that doubles as a vanity area,


…and had a huge antique closet.

It was a comfortable basic room with
no mini- bar and no refrigerator.

The water closet was located in a separate room,
and a tidy shower area in a separate bath room,

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...provided basic amenities and sufficient toiletries.



The room had only one landline phone at the bedside,


…and were very happy with the very fast
and complimentary Wi Fi connection.


The Hotel Majestic is centrally located, and 
only few steps away from the Rue de Grotte- 

…that leads to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes .


It is also a few walks away the most of
the popular tourist attractions in Lourdes.


It is few minutes walk away-


...to the main Lourdes Train Station.


The Hotel Majestic does not have a gym or a pool,
but its proximity to some of the famous tourist spots,
guests would never run out of thing to do and visit,

It is also located right beside the Cinema Majestic-


...an ancient theater that screens religious movies.


Breakfast Buffet 

The breakfast buffet is served in a
lovely café located at the hotel’s lobby.


They have a decent spread of
continental breakfast  buffet.


Some of the most popular restaurants
are also located just across the hotel

…so guests would never run out of dining options. 


Hotel Majestic is a three star hotel  with decent basic
 accommodation for families traveling on a budget.

It has spacious and comfortable suite
 rooms, the beds are comfortable


…and offers a good spread of
continental breakfast at the  buffet.

It is located at the center of Lourdes,


…a mere few minutes walk to most
of the city’s awesome attraction.

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