Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Musee de Cire: Awesome Religious Wax Museum (Immaculate Lourdes Series 15)

Musee de Cire
Awesome Religious Wax Museum 
Immaculate Lourdes Series 15 

The Musee de Cire is Lourdes, France is the
very first wax museum that we have been that
features religious figures and biblical characters.

We have been to a numerous wax museum
all over the world and most of them featured
popular celebrities and historical figures.

^^^ My then, 5 year old son Tim @ Berlin's Madamme Thussaud's

Musee de Cire is one of Lourdes top tourist attractions
with over 100 life-sized wax figures, done by the
artists from the prestigious Grévin Museum in Paris.

The first level of the museum is dedicated
to the apparition of the Lady of Lourdes 



…and the life,




…and death of St. Bernadette Salubrious.

The second and third levels of the wax museum
are scenes from the New Testament beginning
from the birth of Jesus  Christ in Bethlehem,

…important events of his life,



…and resurrection.


The fourth level was dedicated to the recreation
of important events in Roman Catholic Church.



The exit point on the fifth floor offers a breathtaking
view of the bucolic city of Lourdes, the pristine Osse.


…and the massive Musee de Pyreneen.

A visit to the Musée de Cire in Lourdes, is like
living as close to the great moments of Christianity
and getting immersed like scene by scene, an
experience you will never forget in your lifetime.

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