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Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes: The Sacred Domain (Immaculate Lourdes Series 5)

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
The Sacred Domain
Immaculate Lourdes Series 5 

Being a pilgrim city the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes is
 the main destination of most of the tourists in Lourdes, France.

Most commonly known Domain, the refers to the area
surrounding the sacred shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes.


The Rue de Grotte, is the main
thoroughfare to the sanctuary-


…that crosses a bridge at the Gave de Pau, which leads to
 the Abri Saint Michel the main gateway to  the sanctuary. 

 Right at the entrance is the Calvaire des Britons,
a sculpture of Christ’s crucifixion of at the calvary.

The L’ Esplanade is a tree lined pedestrianized road
flanked  with lovely well manicured gardens, parks,


… important places of worship like the Chaplee de St Joseph,
Basilique Saint Pie and the Musee de Miracle de Lourdes

The L’ Esplanade leads to a rotunda with the
Satatue de la Vierge Couronnee de Lourdes
perched on a tall pedestal serves as a centerpiece.


Right in front is spacious plaza
called the Rosary Square

…which leads to the Basilique de Notre Dame du Rosarie.




The Rosary Basilica, flanked by the two ramps and stairs,


…that leads to the Crypt,


…and the Upper Basilica,


...  which are built on top of
 Massabielle, above ground level.

Right is front of the Crypt is a wide space 


...that offers an awesome view of the Rosary Square,
the Satatue de la Vierge Couronnee de Lourdes
and the scenic, verdant, tree- lined L’ Esplanade.


At the right side of the Basilique de Notre Dame du Rosarie-


...is the grotto, the most scared place in this pilgrimage site.


The image of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
 within the rock cave at Massabielle-

…is the exact site where St. Bernadette Soubirous witnessed
the apparitions on what is now called the miracle of Lourdes.


Lourdes water flows from a spring discovered
by Bernadette at the base of the grotto, now
protected by a glass screen and lit from below.


Pilgrims drink Lourdes Water due to its reputed
healing power and collected from individual taps
located between the Massabielle and the baths.


The Baths or Piscines is located right ahead
and each year, approximately more 350,000
pilgrims bathe in the healing water of Lourdes.


Across the river is the Chapel of Candles -


...where pilgrims can light devotional candles and 
about 800 tonnes of wax is burnt annually in here.



Also at the other side of the river is the Church of St .Bernadette.

 It was built opposite  the Grotto, this is the spot where  Bernadette 
 stood during the eighteenth and final apparition of Virgin Mary..

Also called Église de Sainte Bernadette in French,
it has a church patio that offers a breathtaking view
of the Massabielle and the beautiful Upper Basilica.


At the rear part of the Église de Sainte Bernadette 
is the  Monastère des Sœurs Carmélites .


Nearby is the Accueil Notre Dame. Designed in the form
of “open arms” to remind that everyone is  welcome and
cared for at the Lourdes sanctuary. It is exclusively reserved
for the accommodation of the sick and disabled pilgrims.

Beside it is the Hospitalité Notre-Dame de Lourdes.
The headquarter of a Roman Catholic volunteers that
word like a religious confraternity, This group serves
various sections of the sanctuary like welcome pilgrims
at the Baths especially during the peak pilgrimage season

Sick pilgrims miraculously healed by Lourdes water
has been meticulously investigated and documented
by the church and by the Lourdes Medical Bureau.


For the Catholic devotees The Lourdes Sanctuary
is a must visit destination for Marian pilgrimage.

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