Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mr. Choi’s Kitchen:Chinese Dishes Galore

Mr. Choi’s Kitchen 
Chinese Dishes Galore

We stumbled upon Mr. Choi’s Kitchen at Robinson’s Galleria
while we were staying at the Holiday Inn which has a mall access.

We were starving and Chinese cuisine is one sure
way for my family for a delicious and hearty meal
as we love Chinese dishes. We decided to dine here. 

Mr. Choi’s Kitchen is a no frills Chinese
restaurant with modern Oriental interiors.

I always order Sago’t Gulaman whenever it is available.
This one had the most generous tapioca and grass jelly
in any sago’s gulaman versions I have tried in the past.


No Chinese meal is complete without a Wonton Soup.
The broth had a subtle yet tasty chicken soup flavor,
and the wontons are filled with generous meat filling-
no extenders. This soup would knock your socks off.


The Fried Spring Rolls was very good. Wrapped is 
rice wafer fried to perfection, the assorted vegetables
inside remained fresh, crunchy and not overcooked.


The Orange Chicken was divine. It isn’t a copycat
of the popular Panda Express version but this one
is just as irresistible. The breaded chicken was fried
to a crispy perfection and bathed with a sauce with a
flawless combination of sweet, sour and tangy flavors.


Of course the Roasting and Dimsum Combination 
is the best value meal one could have in this restaurant.


It was served with a crispy Peking Duck on one side,


…a Roasted Asado on the other side.


…and interspersed generous amount of assorted dumplings 
and cold cuts. It was heaven served in a huge platter.


It was our first time to dine in Mr. Choi’s Kitchen
but definitely, this would not be the last. We will be back.

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