Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jack's Blue Plate Diner, Best Burgers in Bicol

Jack's Blue Plate Diner
Best Burgers in Bicol
Heavenly Garlic Breads

It was a day before the local elections
and it was raining hard in Naga City.

We left home for lunch and headed to Pili
to try a diner located just near the city outskirts.

We have been hearing about the great food
and humongous burgers at the Blue Plate Diner,

…but we really never had a chance to dine there
as it is located off way from Naga City.

We finally decided that  it was time to try this new diner  
that has been gaining good reputation of serving
affordable but great tasting Fil- Am dishes.


We  ordered Pork Sinigang as a soup starter.
I would like to devote a little time to rave about  this pork sinigang
that my wife described this as an un- Filipino version
but the  most delicious sinigang in the world.

It had the right sourness as there is just enough trace of vinegar.
You could eat it glamorously without  wrinkling your face.

The vegetables are not overcooked  and still fresh and crispy .
The  pork was lean and chewy making  this Blue Plate dish
 a healthier version of this favorite Filipino fare.

It was only my son who wanted to have a full meal
So he ordered their all day breakfast fare of Tapsilog.
The tapa is was carved neatly and tasted like a steak.
It was so deliciously tangy- not the sweetish version
or the candied type Pinoy Tapa that we got used to.

They also served yummy Pasta Dishes…

…and I ordered a huge Western Burger
made of 100% Angus beef,

…topped with crispy Onion Rings
lying is a bed of lettuce and tomatoes
and oozing with western barbecue sauce…

This burger is to die for – I complimented the owner
Who happened to be there when we dined.

She served us a freshly baked Garlic Bread on the house,
It  tasted so good and heavenly fluffy that we debated about
the deliciously familiar taste of this tasty bread
that we knew we have already tasted in the past.

‘It tastes like Beignet, a popular pastry in New Orleans
but with garlic topping instead of the powdery sugar’-
the lady restaurant owner volunteered.

We have visited the city of New Orleans twice in the past
and indeed- how can we forget when we queued
for hours to get seated at the CafĂ© du Monde 
just to sample their popular pastry?

Everybody loved the Garlic Bread and the Burgers
but we were too full to eat some more.

We decided to take home the garlic bread-

…and four yummy burgers of different versions
from  Classic Jack’s  Burger named after the American owner
two Western Burgers and Jalapeno Burger
that we could eat once we get home.

Blue Plate Diner is CamSur’s hidden culinary treasure
located at the Shell station just  few meters away
from the Naga City and Pili boundary.

It may be a little off- way from the Naga City center
but the few minutes of travel is worth it
for what this great restaurant has to offer.

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