Monday, May 20, 2013

Shakey’s Monster Meal Deal, Binge Eating Series 2

Shakey’s Monster Meal Deal
Avenue Square, Naga City
(Binge Eating Series 2)

I received seven free movie tickets for Ironman 3
as a gift, at the SM City Naga Cinema.
Since my wife didn’t want to watch the movie, 
we had four extra tickets to give away. 

We called up four our nephews and asked them
 if they want to watch Ironman for free- as expected, 
all responded with  a big resounding YES. 

The show started at 11:30 PM and it was past 1 PM 
when we came out of the theater, starving 
and all  craving for a big hearty lunch. 

The SM City Naga was crowded due to an ongoing 
3- day sale and we found no available seats 
on all the dining establishments in the mall. 

We trooped to Shakey’s Avenue Square, 

...and with six hungry young kids and teenagers to feed,  
choosing for a group meal was simple and easy. 

We ordered Shakey’s Monster Meal Deal.

For a little over  2,000 we we’re served
 two family size thin crust pizza a
nd we chose our all time favorite Pepperoni,

…and their new Texas Chicken BBQ Pizza

Included in the meal deal were 
two huge platters  of  Classic Spaghetti, 

…the creamy Shakey’s Carbonara, ...

and  a party pack 
 of Chicken and Mojos

The bigger teenage boys ordered  additional 
rice to complete  their monster meals. 

While the rest had their carbohydrate  load 
by ordering an extra basket of Garlic Bread.

Indeed, this Monster Meal Deal 
 is enough to satisfy-

 .. a dozen of .people craving 
for good food 
with monster appetites.

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