Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ADC Hotel's Eight Secret Spices, Superb Food, Lousy Service

ADC Hotel’s  Eight Secret Spices 
Thanksgiving Dinner Gone Terribly Wrong
Superb Food, Lousy Service

After the kids completed another level  in their
 mixed  regular school and home school  programs,
last March 2013.

…we decided to host a thanksgiving dinner
at ADC’s Eight Secret Spices where we booked
a dinner for 50 to 60 persons.

The venue was breathtakingly beautiful…

…and we noted that they only reserved
half of the restaurant for us-

…and left the other half for regular
drop in clients on the rear portion.

Our guest list included the kids’
teachers, tutors and mentors,


…their classmates and their parents,

… our employees and our household staff.

The food was superb-

…definitely the  best  tasting
buffet spread in the city…

They served some of the best tasting 
Chinese Dishes in Naga City

The best selection of meat, fish,
and vegetable dishes were on the buffet,

Our guests were ecstatic
and all praises for the food…

…and the beautiful ambiance.

Everything seemed
 to be perfectly well…

…but something went wrong halfway-

…they ran out of food  when it was
our employees turn to be served-

…they were given whatever bits and pieces
of food morsel  that  was left on the tray…

We were assured that they will have a refill-
but  it  took them about thirty minutes
to  replenish the buffet table…

…and most guests have settled down
and satisfied themselves on whatever
measly food that was served in their plates.

After being refilled we were happy to see
that there was  abundant food on the buffet table.

We kept encouraging our guests to replenish their plates
as were aware that some of them  weren’t given
 enough when the food ran out halfway.

Surprisingly,  despite the very  delicious food
the refill seemed to never have been touched.

It was only after the party we discovered
the reason why the left over was overflowing.

Some of our guests encourage us to complain that there
were no waiters left  on the buffet area to serve the food-

…and they did not leave any serving spoon either
so they could just help themselves  with the food
even without any assistance.

We complained to the restaurant manager
and she apologized that they were busy serving
drop- in costumers on the other half of the restaurant
They are undermanned.- they explained.

They also said that the serving spoons are kept
at the back of the buffet table- and there
wouldn’t have been any problem had the guests
just asked  where they were.

I reasoned out that they shouldn’t have left
their post as there was an ongoing buffet dinner.
They were apologetic- but what else can we do?

The guests have left- and some of them
had gone home hungry.

After the occasion were expecting them to pack up
the excess food so we could take them home-
 we were told that they do not allow the costumers
to bring home what was left of the buffet table-
it is the restaurant policy they said.

 We were taken aback as we had hosted
numerous dinners in the past in

…and even  at the Almaree Lounge to name a few,

…they have always packed whatever edible leftover
we had after the occasion for us to take home.
We paid for the food so it’s ours to keep…
…they insisted it’s their policy.

When I asked them what would
they do with all those food?
They said they would take them to the kitchen.

I asked who would eat the food then?
Will they serve them again to costumers?
I got no answer.

It’s such a pity that the restaurant
is one of the most beautiful in the city…
and definitely serves delectable  food-

…but the service is lousy and lamentable.

we should never judge the book 
by its cover…

What you see-
is not necessarily what you get.

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  1. Ooh, this is sad. one bad review will leave such a bad impression to their service