Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pizza Hut’s Seafood Pizza

Pizza Hut’s Seafood Pizza 

We came to Pizza Hut to celebrate our new
Medical Technologist’s passing the licensure
examination and we ordered a group meal,

…that came with two family sized pizza.

However the Seafood Pizza on the menu caught my
attention, so I ordered one with stuffed crust variety.

It was a huge handsomely baked pizza
with a generous toppings of crab sticks,

…shrimps, fish nuggets, squid, onion rings, mushrooms and
 bell peppers lying in a thick bed of mozzarella cheese.


The crust edges was stuffed with a thick and
stringy mozzarella that oozes out on a bite.

It was extremely delicious and very addicting. 


Surprisingly, despite being a seafood

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