Monday, November 25, 2013

Sea World and Ocean Dream Samudra: Jakarta, Indonesia Series 2

Sea World Jakarta & Ocean Dream Samudra
World Class Twin Theme Parks, Double the Fun
(Jakarta, Indonesia Series 2)

I cannot remember how many times we have been
to Sea World San Diego and the last time we were
there was last May 2011 and as expected the kids
had a blast on this iconic American theme park.

^^^ Sea World San Diego

So when we visited Jakarta and learned that  they
have their own version of Sea World in Ancol
we put it on our must visit list as we knew the kids
would also have a blast of good time there.

We arrived at nearly noon time in Sea World
and at the nearby Ocean Dream Samudra,

...and we bought packaged tickets for both theme parks
 as the aquariums are found in the former while
the animal shows and the kiddie rides  are in the latter
 and it is never complete without visiting both.

Aquariums are in the Sea World
and there are lots of them-

...from small to medium sized aquariums,

,,,to open aquariums where guests
could touch and interact with the amphibians,

... from tunnel aquariums theatre- like aquariums,

 ...or even car aquariums,

...and phone booth aquariums.

You name it, they have it-

...they even have an impressive display of preserved sea creatures
 that were once part of the aquarium display during their lifetime.

Sea World Jakarta has a vast display of the water world
that could rival even some of the best aquariums in the world,

...and yes, even better than the aquariums of its namesake
the original Sea World in San Diego, California.

Just in front of Sea World Jakarta 
is the Ocean Dream Samudra.


A visit to  Sea World Jakarta is never complete 
without visiting  its twin theme park and it also goes 
to say that a visit  to the Ocean Dream Samudra  
 is never complete without visiting the nearby  Sea World.

Doing so is just like visiting the America's Sea World
without watching their numerous  amazing  animal shows.

And fantastic shows and rides they have 
in Ocean Dream Samudra-

...from Dolphin shows,

...animal and Bird Shows,

...Sea Lion Shows,

... awesome stunt shows,

...impressive animal and wildlife  shows,


...and whaddaya know?
They even a Mermaid and Dolphin show.

As expected- the kids had a blast of good time
that  they were swearing  that the aquariums and
the shows in Jakarta was just as fun and even
 better that their counterparts in the US.

Sea World Jakarta and Ocean Dream Samudra
are world class facilities comparable to most
of the best theme parks in the world.


  1. Nice story,

    Where are the people in the theme park? It look very quite


    1. It was a Monday, it wasn't a peak day but there was a decent number of guests on both theme parks.

      I just avoided taking photos on crowded places as I may offend other people's sensibilities.

      Thank you for visiting my blog.