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Mercure Hotel Ancol Jakarta Indonesia Series 1

Mercure Hotel - Ancol
Old but Comfortable Home
(Jakarta, Indonesia Series 1)

This was my second time to travel to Indonesia.
Bali was my destination the first time I traveled to this
 country and it was a long, long time ago in the mid 90's.
 I was young, unmarried, and I traveled with my mother.

I would have returned to Bali with my wife and kids,
but the Bali bombing in the past  dampened
my interest in traveling to the popular island.

We are on a week- long Indonesian tour  and
we initially intended to stay a few days in
Yogakarta and neighboring suburbs, but
changed our plan the last minute and decided
to maximize our visit at the capital city of Jakarta
and enjoy whatever the city had to offer.

So we planned our Jakarta trip to two phases.
The first three days was meant  for fun and play
so the kids would have something to look forward
to an exciting and adventurous stay in the city.

The last four days would be meant to experience, 
absorb and learn the culture  and arts  
of this huge and diverse oriental  megalopolis.


For the Fun Part of our Jakarta tour,
I booked for four days and three nights stay
in Mercure Hotel Ancol thru
and got a two bedroom suite for a real
bargain price of Php 9,500 +++ per day.

The hotel is located in southern Jakarta
and we arrived past midnight after an
almost four hour flight from Manila.

The hotel had a huge and cavernous
beautiful classic lobby,

And luckily our check in was fast in easy,

…and we were immediately on our way
to our suite room and rearing for
a much needed rest and sleep.

Our room was a two bedroom suite
with a beautiful seaside view,

It has a very spacious living room,

...that had a very comfy sofa,

It also had a huge flat screen LCD TV,
and equipped with a VCD / DVD player.


It has a well stocked mini bar,

...with a fabulous high tech coffee maker,

…a balcony overlooking the ocean,

...that also offers a view 
of Jakarta's skyscrapers,

...the upscale yacht club,

...the modern cable car and the
nearby islands of the Java Sea.

The living room has its 
own powder room and toilets,

...and a working and study area.

 The main bedroom was very large
and had a huge king sized bed enough
to accommodate our  whole family of
two adults and two young kids.

Beside the King sized bed is a comfy
lounge chair, perfect for reading or
just to laze, rest or relax.

It also had a flat screen TV.

.The main room has  spacious walk in closet,


...that leads to a regular bathroom, and I would say
undersized for this huge suite room,
but otherwise clean and comfortable.

…with abundant toiletries.

…equipped with a bath tub,
that doubles as  shower room.

The other bedroom had
two double beds,

…a modern flat screen TV, in room mini bar,

…and its own rather old but clean
and comfortable  bathroom that looks
exactly identical with the bathroom
to that in the master's bedroom.

The second bedroom also had
a nice sitting area,

....and a vanity area and working table
at the same time,

Connectivity was not a problem as it had it's own
modem for a free  but fast Wi Fi internet access,
and a land line phone on the living room,

…another land line phone
in the main bedroom,

...and in the second bedroom,

…and a phone each
in the three toilets.


There are lot of places to visit in this hotel
as it is located in Ancol  Dreamland,  a multi
theme park and entertainment complex .
Just across the hotel is Dufan, Indonesia’s
version of Disneyland,

… just nearby are the Sea World Jakarta,

…the  Ocean Dream Samudra  where guests 
can watch live Dolphin and Sea Lion Shows,

…and the Atalantis, a fabulous water park.

Within this massive tourism complex 
are pristine beaches, 

..seaside leisure areas,

...with various Water Sports facilities,


…the  port that could take tourists
to various nearby islands in Jakarta,

…and restaurants serving native
and international cuisine.


Mercure Hotel Ancol is located in the middle
 of a kid’s dream paradise which is perfect
 for my family’s fun phase of the travel-

…which actually was the main reason why
we chose  to stay in this hotel in the first place.


Aside from the several theme parks
in the neighborhood, Mercure Ancol
has several play areas in the hotel.
It has a beautiful outdoor playground,

…and an air conditioned indoor play area,

...that the kids had a great time
playing on both facilities.

The hotel also had a indoor
entertainment center.

It has a beautiful clubhouse,

...near the  three gorgeous 
swimming pools,

...with lots of fun slides an water spouts
 that it looked like a mini water park,

...and a had private beach
offering various water sports.

My family had a great time swimming
and bonding on the hotel's wonderful pool.

They also have a  well equipped gym but
 we never got to use it as there were so
 many things to do and there was so little time


Lobby Cafe

Mercure Hotel Ancol has a lovely Cafe at the lobby
which was undergoing renovation at that time,

...but other wise dishes out excellent coffee concoctions
and delightfully  yummy cakes and pastries.

Sunda Kelapa Restaurant

The hotel’s wonderful main restaurant located at
the ground floor is called Sunda Kelapa Restaturant,

The restaurant offers indoor  dining for those
 who wanted to dine in air conditioned comfort,

...and an outdoor dining area for those 
who wanted to enjoy the sea breeze.

It is a superb source of local and international cuisine
and serves an amazing spread of breakfast buffet. 

It  also offers a great Indonesian Cuisine for its
dinner buffet with astonishing spread of dishes
coming from different regions of Indonesia.

I would be discussing about this excellent Indonesian
Dinner Buffet in my future blog as the 4th installment
on this on- going Jakarta, Indonesia Blog Series .

Room Service / In Room Dining


It's the only way to describe the outstanding choices for
 Mercure Hotel Ancol’s In Room Dining and Service.

Great tasting  Fresh Salads,

...creamy Mushroom Soup,

...tender and delicious Lamb Chops,

...gigantic Juicy Beef Burgers,

... marvelous fresh, pan seared Pink Salmon,

...and of course-  the soothingly tasty
huge bowl of Wonton Noodle Soup.

The good thing is, In Room Dining and Room Service
is available 24/7 at Mercure Hotel Ancol.


I would rate this hotel very high on comfort, food amenities.
The swimming pool complex and play areas are beyond compare.

I’ve read reviews on Trip Advisor and
before I booked this hotel and I was almost discouraged
because of the negative issues such as being an old and
smelly hotel rooms needing renovation.

Well, they are right, our suite room was old but it was
well maintained and we felt right at home.
The beds were comfortable that my wife who has
scoliosis was all praises for the superb beds in our room.

For a two bedroom suite,  with three toilets, a huge living room
a spacious balcony offering a magnificent view of the ocean
and glorious breakfast buffet for only Php 9,500 a night? 

Trust a renowned hotel brand like Mercure to compensate
with the service and amenities they are offering. 

We felt we  hit the jackpot  in staying in this wonderful hotel.

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  1. Hi doc! Nice review of the hotel.
    I believe you had a great Indonesian travel experience.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. You are right Sivah, we had a great time in Jakarta. Hotel Mercure in Ancol had so many negative reviews on Agoda and and most of the complaints were about being old.

      But the hotel reminds me of the Westin Philippine Plaza of the past. It was old, well maintained and not smelly at all.

      The price was also a real bargain. Of the three hotels we've been to Jakarta,(Hotel Manhattan and Ritz Carlton), it is the latter that I would be having the most negative review.

      Please do read my coming blogs about the city as people in the PI on tourism industry may learn something from this first hand experience.

      Again, thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. Thank you so much Doc for sharing your experiences with us... I'm your avid follower and it's such a great help for us who also want to visit the place... I really enjoyed reading all your blogs... Thank you and God bless you and your wonderful family... (nor medrano lasala)

    1. Salamat for the kind words Nor. I'm happy that you enjoyed my blogs. This Indonesia Series would come in 15 installments, I hope you would enjoy them all.

      Again thank you for visiting and reading my blogs.