Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dufan is Fun; Jakarta, Indonesia Series 4

Dufan Is Fun
Dunia Fantasi, Ancol Jakarta
(Jakarta, Indonesia Series 4)
On our second day in Ancol, we visited
Dunia Fantasi or (Dufan),  which is Jakarta’s
counterpart to the iconic Disneyland.

We were greeted at the entrance gate with
 various Dufan characters who gamely
posed with the kids for some photos.

The fun began on their beautiful Asian themed
 Grand Carousel that kids enjoyed.

We then went around the park and watched
 the Paddle Pop Animatronic Show,

...that later led us to the American Zone which was
 designed like an the old American West   

...and had attractions like 
the Tilting House,

...the and Mirror Maze.

The zone also had 
the Bonanza Restaurant,

...which offered yummy snacks
of  French Fries,

...and the very delicious 
Iced Mixed Fruits.

We also ha a lot of fun on the next zone that
offered  kiddie rides like Poci Poci which was
 very similar for Disney’s  Mad Hatter Tea Cups.

The Istana Boneka  was beautiful boat ride and an
 imitation Disney's signature It's Small World ride .

We were able to ride a kiddie rollercoaster,
the wet ,  wild and very exciting  white water
rafting  adventure ride called Arung Geram,

...very similar to Shipwereck Island
 in Sea World San Diego, 

^^^Shipwreck Island Sea World San Diego

...and Disney’s Grizzly River Run
in California Adventure Park.

^^^Disney's Grizzly River Run, Anaheim

While we enjoyed the more benign rides,

The kids decided just to enjoy watching
the people screaming at the top of their
voices on  the more extreme rides .

Dufan had a lot of western themed
4D rides like Happy Feet,

…a Space Adventure Ride that I failed to take a photo,
and there some exciting rides the would
 soon open like the  Ice Age, the Ride.

The kids had been to several Disneyland Parks
in the past, like Euro Disney in Paris, France,

… the brand new Hong Kong  Disneyland,

…and a number of times in the original
Anaheim Disneyland in California,

DuFun is a beautiful theme park,
not as massive as Disneyland,

…and as what Lonely Planet said that some of its
rides cloned from the popular theme park may
raise the eyebrows of Disney’s Imagineering Team,

…but for me and my family Dunia Fantasi
or Dufan, call it a copycat or what,
just like Disneyland, it was just as fun.

No one, and nothing can stop 
the fun in Dufan.

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