Saturday, May 14, 2016

Gilligan’s Restaurant: Unlimited Pinoy Favorites

Gilligan’s Restaurant 
Unlimited Pinoy Favorites 

 It has been while since we dined at Giligan’s. 


…and we had another chance to do so
when we visited SM city Naga to shop. 

Giligan’s is a popular Manila based maritime themed
restaurant and when they opened their very first branch
in Bicol, it became an instant hit among Bicolanos.


We came for a really late lunch at 3 PM
and we were too hungry to browse the menu
so we ordered a group meal that costs and
unbelievable bargain price of 883 pesos,


…and came with free iced tea for four persons, and
unlimited servings of rice for an additional 40 pesos.


We love the Sinigang Na Bangus Belly as it is
one of the few sour soup versionsin the city that
had the right degree of sourness the you could sip
without wrinkling your face in acerbic revulsion.
The milkfish was tasty and the veggies were fresh.



The Lechon Kawali, Cebu Style was a revelation.
We never thought that this common pork dish could
be so delicious. The meat was tender and juicy, and
the skin was fried to perfectly crackling perfection.
This fat laden dish is to die for, literally and figuratively.


With Chicken Pandan, fried chicken never smell
so good the way they do it Giligan’s. The boneless
chicken was wrapped in fragrant pandan leaves and
deep fried to deliciously tender and juicy perfection.


The Inihaw na Baboy was okay and nothing really
to rave about, but one thing I like with this version
is that it is not as sweet and sugary as other inihaws.


The delicious Pork Sisig made me upgrade our order
to unlimited rice. I used to hate sisig as I find it too
greasy, too slimy and too gross to eat. But I learned
how to appreciate this iconic Filipino dish later in life.
The grease and the slimy cartilage that is crunchy to bite
blends perfectly with the tangy and mayonaissy sauce
made piping hot by the hot plate where it was served.


We ended our dinner with their varied
delightful desserts of Buko Pandan, 


….the delicious Mango Crepes, 


…and the heavenly creamy Leche Flan.

Gilligan’s Restaurant at SM City Naga
offers deliciousbudget meals of unlimited
choices Pinoy Favorite dishes, that goes with
unlimited rice, for those with limited budget. 

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