Saturday, May 7, 2016

Breakfast, Glorious Pinoy Breakfast!

Breakfast, Glorious Pinoy Breakfast! 

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal
of the day and we are advised to eat like a king in the
morning to energize and fuel up our body all day long.


Here is a glimpse of what is on the breakfast
table of majority of Filipinos  every morning.

We belong to a lower middle class Filipino household 
that  could not afford to hire a stay in household cook, 
so in our breakfast nook, is a cacophony of ready to eat
breakfast fares and drinks that are healthy, tasty, yet easy
to prepare and could be conveniently served anytime.


Milk is the magic ingredient in the morning and
could instantly dish out delicious breakfast fares.


Our children’s favorite breakfast cereal is
General Mills’ Cinnamon Toast Crunch,

It is made of whole wheat and the cinnamon’s
sweet aroma makes it a irresistible breakfast fare. 


The colorfully attractive 
and candy like Fruit Loops, another breakfast favorite for kids. 


Shredded Wheat is a healthy and delicious way to
start the day, which could be taken plain with milk,




…or make it palatable for kids by
perking it up with Fitnesse Cereals.

Fitnesse Cereals incidentally is another great breakfast
fare and available in most supermarkets in Naga City.

Porridge Oatmeal is also a traditional favorite
among Filipinos for a fast and healthy breakfast.

Gardenia Thick Slice Whole Wheat Bread 
is a fast and easy but tasty Pinoy breakfast fare,


…that could just be popped out on the toaster,

…and would go well with cream cheese or butter,

…or as a flavourful French Toast.

Bagel is another a common but delicious
Pinoy breakfast that goes well with cream
cheese but rarely available in Naga City,

…and fortunately, heavenly Muffins are readily
available from Starbucks and from the numerous
Dunkin Donuts and Mr. Donut stores in the city.


A combination of Smoked Salmon,


Jacob’s Crackers,

…and Light Mayo,

…could weave a instant, light
and heart friendly breakfast.

Weekends give us more time to prepare elaborate
breakfast and all time Pinoy favorites are Spam,
sunny side up Eggs, served with Brown Rice, and
sweetish tangy pickles as an early morning appetizer. 

A more complex but lighter variant of Spam,
topped with mayo/mustard dressing, sprinkled
with parmesan cheese is a welcome change.

Long vacations give my family a chance to bond
in the kitchen and leisurely prepare our breakfast.


We could prepare and dish out easy to cook
yet yummy breakfasts from fluffy Pancakes,

…creamy Mashed Potatoes,


…tasty Hash Browns,

…and crispy thick cut Bacons.

Home made all time Pinoy breakfast favorites-

…is there anything better?


  1. this is more like american breakfast and not pinoy

    1. I would say more of a Continental breakfast. Still,could be considered Pinoy as the ordinary Filipino breakfast have gradually evolved to a healthier, less salty and easy to prepare meals

  2. This is a crap. I haven't seen a single Pinoy breakfast in this post. Those are nothing but continental breakfast. Tuyo, longanisa, tapa, champorado- those are Filipino breakfast fare.

    You're either disoriented or you're out of you mind.

    1. No, I was not disoriented nor was I out of my mind.

      Tuyo, longanisa, tapa, champorado, I initally included those in my original draft. I edited them out as I find them either too sweet, too oily and too salty.

      The post is about glorious breakfast, and it wouldn't be as glorious if I include them.

      It is a breakfast in a Pinoy household, prepared by true blue Pinoys, so it is a Pinoy breakfast.

  3. Ha, ha ha. Out of touch and not Pinoy @ all.

    1. As I earlier said, it is a breakfast in a Pinoy household, prepared by true blue Pinoys, so it is a Pinoy breakfast.

  4. The kitchen is upclass. Not a lower middle class that you describe to be. Even the choice of food is upclass. Definitely out of touch and sef depreciating.

    1. You do not judge an economic class by the appearance of one's kitchen. You may google the parameters. We belong to the lower middle class.

  5. Not a single Pinoy entry in this post. The title is a mistake. Definitely not Pinoy.

    1. As I earlier said, it is a breakfast in a Pinoy household, prepared by true blue Pinoys, so it is a Pinoy breakfast.

      The title is right. It's about glorious breakfast.

  6. lower middle class? are you joking? no filipino lower middle class family can afford what you are doing such as traveling both local and outside of the country.

    1. You may have a point. Traveling is one of the parameters of an upper middle class family, but there are others parameters to consider.

      While some people save money for the future so they could enjoy it when they get old, we save money to travel while we can still afford it and the kids are young.

      This is the very essence of this blog, family travel. We are in the era where budget airline fares are aplenty and online hotel bookings are affordable.

      The kids are still young and we could easily pull them out from school without missing anything,they could still stay in a hotel room for free and travel with student discounts.

      These are the things we wouldn't be able to do when we retire and get old. The kids would have families of their own, we wouldn't be able to afford traveling when we retire and not working anymore, and most of all, we may be too old or even too sick to travel at that time.