Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Paluto Reinvented: The New and Improved Paluto

Paluto Reinvented 
The New and Improved Paluto

All Day Supermarket had undergone
massive renovation after typhoon Tisoy


…and when they re- opened, it was a delight to
see that they re- invented the popular Paluto.


Together with our employees. we trooped
to Paluto for one of our post- work dinner.


There was a wide selection of fresh 


...and even live seafood at the seafood counter, 




…and a wide array of both
local  and imported meats.

Paluto ia a place where you can have
 what  you bought, from the supermarket-




....cooked right before your eyes,

…to enjoy them fresh-from the market-




….and served steaming hot
directly to your dining plate.




And we feasted to some
of the most delicious-




… freshly cooked dishes,



…prepared to anything one could think of.


Added in the Paluto section are pre- cooked
ranging from assorted seafood barbecue,


and we tried them too.


There is also a chef’s choice corner, where 
one  could have a choice to have a bulalo,

…or a kare- kare. and we tried both.

The centerpiece of Paluto is the whole roasted pig,
with an option to have it  cooked as lechon paksiw.


But why choose for an option?
We ordered  both and enjoy them both.



Indeed, Puluto is the best place to dine in Naga as the
food choices are not limited on what is on the menu.


The diner is the menu.

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