Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Samalamig @ Gastroville: The Best Sago’t Gulaman in Town

Samalamig @ Gastroville
The Best Sago’t Gulaman in Town

The best thing that ever happened
to the Gastroville re- invention,



…is adding a a juice bar aptly named Samalamig-
a true blue Pinoy street word for refreshments.




Aside from their delcious
and refreshing fruit juices,


...there are also delicious desserts


…like the iconic halo- halo,


...saba con yelo,


 ... and one should not miss their Sago’t Gulaman. This isn’t  the
 usual fare made from brown sugar syrup. This has a creamy 
crushed  ice with a consistency  similar to halo- halo,. There was
  generous tapioca pearls and multi- colored gulaman at the bottom.

This Sago’t Gulaman could serve as a dessert
or let the ice melt to make it a refreshing drink

This is definitely the best sago't gulamam in town

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