Saturday, December 28, 2019

The New Gastroville: Naga City’s Ultimate Foodie Destination

The New Gastroville
Naga City’s Ultimate Foodie Destination 

There used to be two Gastroville Stations in Vistamall,
the first one serving various  international dishes,

…the second one serving
local and Asian Cuisine,

…but during the renovation, they consolidated
them into a single Gastroville station and built
it just beside the Paluto at All Day Supermarket.


The new Gastroville has a lively assortment,

…of both local,

…global dishes,

…in a one stop upscale food court.

Everything one is looking for is here,


…from street food,


…to Asian,


…American, and European specialties.

Gastroville offers a unique culinary experience- 
.exclusively found in the eclectic Vista Malls.

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