Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tugawe Cove Cafe: Relax and Dine

Tugawe Cove Cafe 
Relax and Dine 

One of the most relaxing coffee shops in Naga
is the Tugawe Cove Café at Robinsons’ Place.

It is an offshoot of Tugawe Cove Resort  in Caramoan  

…so understandably the café had a relaxing  
and cool tropical island inspired interiors

My family came for snacks and the
Laing Mac was a perfect choice.

A Bicolano fusion dish of Baked Macaroni
where the meat was replaced by taro leaves
and bathed with a cheesy coconut milk topping.
It is the ultimate, unique Bicolano pasta dish! 


The Shrimp Chorizo Spaghetti is an offshoot of popular
 Spanish Shrimp Chorizo Pasta but the traditional thin
 Fideo noodles was replaced by an Italian spaghetti.


 The parmesan cheese creates the briny topping that 
accentuates  the overall seafood flavor of  the shrimp
 in contrast to the  biting smoked flavored chorizo.

My wife never fails to order the Club Sandwich,
as it was delicious and filling. The bread  was firm
that does not get soggy when eaten unlike other
multi- layered  versions that fall apart on a bite.

Tugawe Cove Café is a beautiful coffee shop
Where one can enjoy the coffee and the food
in a relaxing tropical resort- like ambiance.

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