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Lagrange Aparthotel: A Modern Home in Lyon (Old and Elegant Lyon Series1)

Lagrange Aparthotel
A Modern Home in Lyon
Old and Elegant Lyon Series 1 

We arrived in Lagrange Aparthotel,  located 
at the outskirts of Lumiere Lyon, after more 
than six hours train ride from Lourdes, France. 


Lagrange Aparthotel is a four star facility,


…with a beautiful, modern,  
contemporary designed lobby.



Guests are provided with lots of comfortable seats where
they could relax  while waiting for their turn to check in.



Check in was a breeze, asthe people 
at the front desk were friendly,


...and we were immediately on our
way to our room at the first floor.



This would be our home in Lyon, France for
the next seven days on our second stop of
my family’s annual European spring vacation.


Our suite, a One Bedroom Apartment 
was very spacious and was very beautiful.

It looked fairly new and painted with vibrant colors 
of purple and off white depicting tourist attractions 
in the city. It had a huge very comfortable sofa,


…which could be converted
to an extra queen sized bed.


There is a huge flat screen TV,
with superb audio/video systems.


Below the TV is a  working/study table,
that also serves as a vanity area.


There was beautiful dining room,


…and a fully equipped kitchen,
 with four burner cooking range,


… microwave oven.


…and a rather small refrigerator.


The room was  provided with complete cooking,




…and dining utensils.



…including a dishwasher.


They had a coffee maker,


…and a bread toaster too..


The lovely bedroom was very basic.
It had a comfortable king sized bed,
and a  moderately sized closet.  

The room also huge wide- screen LCD flat TV

There was a separate
toilet with a water closet


… a bathroom with nice shower room,  


ans a bathtub.

It was provided with plush amenities,

…and adequate toiletries.



The was only one landline phone in the room
found in the bedroom by the bedside. 

We were very happy with the very fast
and complimentary Wi Fi connection.


Lagrange Aparthotel is located
a block away from the subway,

…so everything in Lyon is just a
 short train ride away from the hotel.


Lagrange Aparthotel had  a beautiful 
indoor-  and outdoor Jacuzzis.

^^^above photos were taken from

And guests can rent scooters,

…and bikes at the front desk.



The hotel’s restaurant is
located  right at the lobby.


It is only open in the morning,


…where there is a decent spread
of continental breakfast buffet.

The hotel is a block away from 
 Carrefour City Supermarket and with a full kitchen, 
 we were able  to cook most of our meals in Lyon.


There are also several vendo machines-

...where guests can purchase tasty
 snacks and refreshing beverages,


...and even a steaming cup of coffee. 


Lagrange Aparthotel is an affordable
and modern accommodation in Lyon.


It offers the comfort and exclusivity
of spacious  serviced apartment -

…as it has hotel-like amenities
and modern home conveniences.


It is located few steps away from the subway and
makes everything in Lyon  a short train ride sway.


It is perfect for families traveling  on a budget-


…looking for an affordable yet well-appointed
comfortable and luxurious accommodation.

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