Saturday, December 21, 2019

Beanleaf Naga: Full Meals and Coffee

Beanleaf Naga 
Full Meals and Coffee 

We were supposed to dine at Lokwan in WinWin Mall
but it was fully booked. Bigg’s Diner was also full.
Beanleaf caught our attention so we checked it out.

The coffee shop had vacant seats,

…and we were delighted to learn that
they offer a wide range of rice meals.

The Sinigang na Tanigue had a perfectly sour broth
tomatoes and tamarind that belded well with the fish.

A large slab of lechon kawali was placed on
top of veggies and the peanut flavored sauce
to create a Crispy Kare Kare. It was delocious.

The perfectly fried Cajun Shrimp Tempura
sprinkled with chili powder tasted so good.
It was addicting that we ordered another one.


And of course, the BuffaloWings was just as delicious.
It had a delightful buttery- tangy sourness that blended
well with cayenne pepper sprinkled on the chicken wings.

We ended our meal the the kids’ favorite-
Choco Chip Cookies dunked in warm milk.

Beanleaf has two stores and already has been in Naga 
for a while. We never actually intended to dine here as
 we always thought they  serve nothing but coffee shop 
fares of coffee, pastries and cakes.  We were wrong. 


The food here is good and affordable and 
we are definitely coming back for more.

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