Saturday, December 7, 2019

Jack is Back!: American Feast at its Best

Jack is Back!
American Feast at its Best 

Formerly known as Jack’s Blue Plate Diner, had undergone 
renovation and re- named with an updated, millennial sounding, 
more hip, much shorter and easier to remember name- Jack’s.


Laid with bricks, the restaurant’s new look is reminiscent 
of the rustic American west, we came to feast on the 
good old American dishes that we have missed.

We ordered two plateful of Lobsters.

Steamed to succulent perfection,these fleshy
 lobsters   were really tasty that you wouldn’t 
need the dipping sauce provided as sides.

We all guzzled champagne that enhanced
the naturally fresh, sweet tasting lobsters.

The Barbecue Platter was massive and
had two huge slabs of ribs and chicken- 


… slowly cooked juice tenderness to the point
of "falling off the bone" the traditional way of
smoked barbecue dish unique to Texan cuisine,


Of course, one should never 
miss the best burger in town,

No dinner is complete without Jack’s awesome Crepes
and we were happy they were offered to us for free.


Jack’s is definitely the place to feast on

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