Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Hotel Lucky Chinatown: Comfortable Abode in the Heart of Manila

Hotel Lucky Chinatown
Comfortable Abode in the Heart of Manila

Hotel Lucky Chinatown l had
a concierge at the entrance,

…and one had to take the elevator to the spacious 
modern contemporary designed 4th floor lobby.

Check in was a breeze and the people 
at the front desk were friendly,

..and we were immediately on our
way to our room at the 6th floor.

The Junior Suite

The Junior Suite is one had a moderately sized
living room that looked tired and melancholic as
it was designed with a gray, brown colors.

There was a huge comfortable sofa
which could function as an extra bed,

There was a round table on one corner
that could serve as a dining and study area.


There was a huge flat screen TV,
with superb audio/video systems.

It has a well stocked mini- bar,



...and  had high end coffee maker.

There were open closets at the entryway, and
one had to dress up right at the room portal.

The window had the view of
the Lucky Chinatown Walk.

The bedroom was rather small and basically straightforward
With the closet located far away by the living room doorway 
there were just two things inside - a comfortable king sized bed, 


…and a large flat screen LCD TV .

The bathroom was huge and could be accessed
both from the bedroom and from the living room.

...  and had abundant supply of toiletries.



There was a separate 
shower room on one end,


…and a water closet on the other end.


Connectivity was not a problem as
it had a free fast Wi Fi internet, 

There were two land- line phones,
the first one in the living room

…and another one by the bedside,


The hotel is located in theheart of Manila Chinatown
and had a direct access to the Lucky Chinatown Mall.


Right at the 4th  floor lobby
exit is the Chinatown Museum,


…a National Geographic accredited museum,


…and holds the Guinness Book of world Record,

…of having the largest display
of origami lanterns in the world.

It is also a few blocks away from Divisoria,
Manila’s center for bargain shopping.


Lucky Chinatown Hotel has no pool,
but had an excellent in- house spa,



…and a well equipped gym.




Café de Chinatown

Café de Chinatown is the hotel’s in house restaurant,



…that offers a decent spread of breakfast buffet,

…unfortunately it is only open for
breakfast and closed the rest of the day.

Zabana Bar

A hip bar by the lobby, and I observed 
there is always no one there 24/7.


The hotel does not have any option for in house dining,
and also does not offer room service, fortunately the
access to the Lucky Chinatown Mall.provides guest
unlimited choices to the awesome restaurants nearby.


Being a Megaworld property, maybe I expected too much from
 Lucky Chinatown Hotel that led to a disappointment during our stay.


We were expecting for an awesome gastronomic experience
as it is located in one of the oldest Chinatown in the world
but the sole in- house restaurant was only open for breakfast
serving generic breakfast fares in the daily morning buffet.

I was initially excited of the location, being in Binondo, 
it is close to some of the most revered Chinese 
restaurants but the location itself was a disadvantage.

One would still be limited to dine at the mall
since venturing out of the hotel peripheries is
a gut wrenching, heart tormenting experience.


Right beside the hotel parking is the
polluted and stinky Estero de Magdalena.


Few steps away is the popular Divisoria
which was widely publicized to have been
cleaned up by the new Manila Mayor, but
by all appearances, Divisoria is still dirty. 


The street vendors may have diminished but there are too
 many homeless people residing in the sidewalks, who sleep,
eat, defecate and urinate everywhere. The repulsive smell of
 unwashed, the  garbage and human waste is unbearable.


Otherwise, the hotel the staff was
 helpful, courteous and friendly,


… the rooms were spacious and tidy,


…the bed was comfortable,


…it is however lacking with amenities.
and location wise- in scary environs

Hotel Lucky Chinatown is 'a- okay but' something
that I would not rave or crave for another stay.

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