Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Shanghai’s Best Chinese Restaurant: The Best and the Worst of Shanghai (Getting High in Shanghai Series 14)

Shanghai’s Best Chinese Restaurant 
The Best and the Worst of Shanghai 
Getting High in Shanghai Series 14 

This restaurant which we could not read, located at the 4th floor
of Imago Mall, represents our best dining experience in Shanghai,
and unfortunately the worst as well as this never happened
to any of our previous travels in the Philippines and abroad.


We were running low on Yuan as we didn’t expect
for overall air of negativity credit and debit cards.


We still have US dollars but we didn’t have time to buy
local currency in the bank so we inquired at the cashier if 
they accept credit or debit cards and the answer was yes.


 We were hungry as we’ve been out all day at touring
and we took our seats as the well designed restaurant-


...with an open kitchen.


So when they served the very aromatic and piping hot soup starter, 
Boiled Baby Chinese Cabbage and Beancurd in Chicken Soup 

It went well with the Handmade Traditional Steamed Bread.


The Chilled Black Fungus with Maggi Seasoning 
as it was flavorful and served as  a perfect appetizer.


The Three Kinds of Mushrooms in Olive Oil 
was a flavorful dish where three types of edible
mushrooms was sautéed in olive oil. It tasted like
meat and was a perfect topping for the steamed rice.


The Grilled Lamb Leg was cooked the way nature made it-
bone in, skin and fat cap intact. It was sinfully delicious as
it was crunchy on the outside and yet juicy and tender inside.


Same thing is true with the Barbecue Fish with Shallot.
it was so perfectly grilled as the flesh was moist and juicy.

The Eight Treasure Glutinous Millet Pudding,


...and what appears like Hopia, 

... were perfect conclusions for my family’s supposed  
to be the best dining experience in Shanghai-

…that turned out to be the worst because when we handed our
credit card to pay we were informed in sign language as no one
speaks English that  they on accept certain Chinese credit cards
We didn’t have enough Yuan and they did not accept US Dollars,


Were saved from this horrible experience by a young
American couple dining on a table next to us by paying
our bill in Yuan and accepting our dollar payment.

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