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A Ming’s Braised Pork Rice: A Taste of Taiwan in Shanghai (Getting High in Shanghai Series 9)

A Ming’s Braised Pork Rice 
A Taste of Taiwan in Shanghai
Getting High in Shanghai Series 9

When we dined at A Ming’s Braised Pork Rice, 
we were starving after all the walking we have
done at the Pudong urban center that concluded
on Shanghai Tower observation deck past 8 PM.


Located at the Food Republic, a beautiful
food court at the base of Shanghai Tower,


…where unlike a regular foodcourt made of
nothing but a conglomeration of small food
stalls as tenants with a common dining area,


…the food concessionaires here are full restaurants located beside
 one another, made to appear in an outdoor market street setting. 



A Ming’s Braised Pork Rice is a Taiwanese restaurant,
and we chose to dine here as this would the third variety
of Chinese cuisine that we tried upon arriving in Shanghai.


The first one, a Hong Kong cuisine at
the Hong Kong Traditional Cuisine, 
a restaurant in Imago Mall beside our hotel,


…and the second, an authentic native Shanghai Cuisine
at Shanghai Dimsum in Kerry Lifestyle Center Mall.


We were very thirsty so we immediately ordered 
Winter Melon Tea  and Taiwanese Milk Tea. 

The Braised Beef Noodle with Tomato served as
our soup starter and it was love at first slurp on one
of the most iconic all- time favorite Taiwanese dishes.
The fragrant soup fills the air with the smell of spices,
blending with the noodles and tender chunks of beef. 


Minced Braised Pork Rice with Fried Pork Chop 
a popular Taiwanese dish also called ‘Lo bah png’
also became and instant family favorite. The ground
pork flavored with sweetish soy sauce blended well
with rice and served with a variety of fresh veggies
and perfectly fried very tender pork chop on the side.


The Taiwanese Pork Sausage intrigued us so we ordered one.
Unlike the usual Chinese sausages that are dried, highly spiced
and aromatic, the Taiwanese version is tender and juicy with a
texture comparable to a Western sausage. It is also sweeter.
According to the menu, this is also known as ‘xiangchang’ in
Mandarin Chinese, that literally translates as fragrant sausage.


It is rather difficult to describer the Fried Egg with Dried Turnips. 
It had a certain ‘pleasantly foul fermented’ smelling aroma yet seem
to stimulate  your taste buds. It is a briny omelet but with a sweetish
aftertaste. The dried turnips provides an extra texture to the dish.


We also loved the Poached Seasonal Vegetables, 


…and the Stir Fried Cucumber. 


The taste of Taiwan’s delicious dishes  at A Ming’s Braised Pork Rice, was   
an excellent conclusion of our Pudong visit on our second  day in Shanghai.

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