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Shopping Shanghai: Asia’s Bargain Shopping Capital (Getting High in Shanghai Series 13 )

Shopping Shanghai 
Asia’s Bargain Shopping Capital
Getting High in Shanghai Series 13  
Seasoned travelers and shoppers refer to Shanghai 
 as the "Paris of the East. as just like the City of Lights
it is one of many shoppers' ultimate dream destination.


When we found out upon check in that Oakwood Residences 
where we would be staying has a direct access to the Imago Mall 
 we knew we are in for an irresistible shopping temptation in Shanghai.


While there were a number of European brands
in Imago Mall, but most of them were expensive
and beyond the means of  impoverished Filipino
tourists traveling on a tight budget like my family. 


Pull & Bear was our favorite shop at the Imago Mall.


It is a Spanish clothing and accessories 
retailer and has a wide array of stylish shoes,


…focuses on very urban style casual, laid-back 
clothing  and accessories at affordable prices. 


Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear store
that offers quality  yet affordable clothing.


We love Uniqlo embraces as they sell comfortable 
casual clothes, that attract people of all ages
 because of classic clothing but updated to trend.


It’s an Asian and more hip and modern version
of another favorite brand- Marks and Spencer

My family was amused of a shop called “Kilikili”. 


We didn’t know what it meant in Chinese but it is the Filipino word for armpit. 
We did not shop there, my son and I could not resist the urge of posing on 
the storefront and had our pictures taken showing what else? Our ‘kilikilis’ 


Kerry Lifestyle Center in Pudong had an upscale mall. that had an 
excellent  line up popular European and American apparel brands.


We just however dined in the mall,

…did a little window shopping, and breezed out as
we found the place expensive and too sophisticated.


Hard-up tourists like us are definitely not its target market.


The eclectic Nanjing Road, almost six  miles of shopping
 strip from end to end.beginning from Nanjing West Road,


…to the pedestrianized  Nanjing East Road,


…that eventually hits the famous Bund.


In between is a cacophony of small shops selling 
almost everything from jewelry, accessories and food.


We stopped at Shanghai No. 1 Department Store,

…the first and oldest state-run store
to shop for sports shoes for the kids.  



The street was lined with pocket parks and plazas,



…trendy boutiques,


…and even glitzy malls.


The Nanjing Road is also the place 
to go for tourist souvenir shopping,

…and trying novelty food items.



Shanghai is considered as China's style capital,


…a fast growing b metropolis that has become
one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

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