Thursday, March 21, 2013

RBX: Rice in A Box Diner

RBX: Rice in A Box Diner
No Frills, Affordable Budget Meals in Naga City

We initially intended to dine at the Magsaysay Strip
but we were not able to find a parking space
so we drove to Centro and found one at Plaza Quezon

The Rice in a Box (RBX) Diner was nearby so we
decided to dine at the said restaurant.

There is really nothing fancy in this budget diner.

Just plain and simple self-service restaurant,
the menu is laid out in the counter,


…the food is cooked right in front of you.
and what is amazing is you could have
a full meal for as low as 36 pesos (about $0.85).


My wife ordered Seafood Bagoong
which she found a little salty but flavorsome.

I ordered Beef and Mushroom
which I found scrumptiously tasty …

My daughter had a Chicken Nuggets Meal
which she found okay-

…while my son had a Shanghai Meal
which would have tasted great
had they not bathe it with too much sauce.

my mother in law ordered a Longanizadog meal-
andI found the dish great tasting, that I believe
this is their best dish in their menu.

We also ordered side dishes  of various
fried dimsum and dumplings-
from Pork  Siomai,

Shark Fin Siomai,

...and Beef Shiomai
all fried to crispy perfection
and tasted very delicious.

Their native Sago’t Gulaman
also tasted very good and very refreshing.

We paid a little over 250 pesos (about $6)
including the senior citizen discount
that they gave to my mother in law.

It also offers a free Wifi connection.

Rice in a Box or RBX is a great budget restaurant
that serves wallet friendly but tasty delights.
 It also has stores in Puregold Mall in diversion
and E- Mall foodcourt

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