Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yellow Cab's New York Pizza

 Yellow Cab's New York Pizza
Midnight Indulgence

It was one of these days
that you come home late from work
and everyone had gone to bed…

...just as the feeling of being abandoned sets in,
your face lights up in delight when you turn on the light…

…as the sight of Yellow Cab’s Pizza New York Pizza
lying on the kitchen counter catches your eyes,

…you pop a slice or two in the microwave-
and you enjoy the delicious pizza all by your lonesome
and with the feeling that you are loved
even they have gone to bed ahead of you…

Naguenos are lucky that the most craved pizza
in the city is available 24/7 on a weekend.

My Mom in Polangui who is a certified pizza addict
whenever she craves for one- I would always say
“Tara na- magpa Naga na, Mag Yellow Cab na...”

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  1. Beautiful kitchen.

    Is it for real or was it taken from a lifestyle magazine?

  2. Soulful indulgence.

    Just you and your pizza.

    Sweet life.

    Makes me crave for Yellow Cab and makes me want to go to Naga. I wish we have one in Legazpi.

  3. This blog is anti Legazpi. Why overemphasize the absence of Yellow Cab in Albay when there are better local alternatives like Red Cheese Pizza.

    You also lambasted Oriental Hotel which we consider the best hotel in the region.

    Please be fair.

    Tara na. Mag Red Cheese na. Magapa Legazpi na.

    1. This blog has never been anti- Legazpi and has only mentioned the city in my Pares King and Oriental Hotel posts but never said anything negative about Legazpi.

      My comments about Oriental Hotel having yellowish water was never meant to demean Legazpi as it was a personal experience and review.

      I was born and grew up in Polangui Albay, and this was the reason why I mentioned my hometown in this Yellow Cab post.

      Your statement of overemphasizing the absence of Yellow Cab ns Albay is just pure paranoia.

      My parents live in a barrio in Polangui called Napo and there is no need to emphasize that there is no Yellow Cab there.

      Should there have been a Yellow Cab in Legazpi- I would still end my statement of inviting "Tara na magpa- Naga na" as I now live in Naga City.