Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mang Inasal Plaza

Mang Inasal 
Plaza Quezon, Naga City

Few hours before the Holy  Week Wednesday procession
we scouted for a restaurant in Naga Centro
where we could eat our very late lunch at 4 PM,

…and maybe watch the procession
in an air- conditioned comfort.

Most of the restaurants and the Plaza Strip
were full  and we were lucky to find a space
at  Mang Inasal Plaza Quezon.

The restaurant is famous for its budget
meals coupled with unlimited rice.

So my family ordered some of its
Paborito Value Meals like their famous
and deliciously tangy Chicken Inasal.

The not so tender and average tasting
Pork Barbecue Meal

The very yummy and addicting Bangus Sisig,
which was initially served on a hot plate
but we requested to transfer it to a regular plate
to make if safe for the kids.

All Mang Inasal’s Paborito Meals come
with unlimited rice but the serving size
is really not enough even for a cup of rice.

We decided to order additional dish  
but they have  a very limited choice
in their menu and all they could offer
was the Ensaladang Talong

....which fortunately tasted very good
but  more of an appetizer rather than
a main meal viand.

They also have a great tasting Halo- halo
which could directly compete and even
shame the popular Chow King's version.

Mang Inasal is a budget restaurant
that offers unlimited rice  meals
with rather limited serving size
and a very limited choices on their menu.

They have three branches in Naga City.
SM City Naga, Bichara Theater Mall
and in Plaza Quezon.

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