Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lean and Juicy Burger and Vegetable Salad for New Year

Lean and Juicy Burger 
and Vegetable Salad
for the First day of the Year
(100% SM Supermarket Ingredients)


After a post New Year celebration,
burger indoor grilling is the best thing 
for a late breakfast but early lunch.

We will need the following-
half kilo of Ground Sirloin Beef
with 10% fat,

....mixture of Tomato Catsup, Mayo and Mustard
(each of this mini bottle is equivalent to 1/4 Cup),

...a dash each of powdered Mustard Seed 
Garlic and White Pepper

...whole wheat Bread crumbs

and Beef Broth stock.

Mix them all together
and form into Hamburger Patties...

...set aside 

and prepare for grilling.

For smoke free- fat free indoor grilling 
use the George Foreman Grill. 
(Yes that's the boxer who is now selling 
his own brand of fat free grillers...

Grill the patties (shut down the lid)
to preserve the juices...

Prepare the TLC and condiments
while grilling...

...be sure to sanitize the veggies
as they would be eaten raw.

Spread Mayo generously on both sides of the bread,
do not waste even the tomatoes top and bottom.

Burger is done.

...throw away the excess fat 
collected from the griller

Make a Veggie salad from excess TLC
just add pre- boiled corn
boiled eggs and may dressing.


Classic Healthy Burger
with Vegetable Salad
for a New Year brunch...

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