Thursday, January 10, 2013

Đại Nam Văn Hiến, Zoo Safari; Binh Duong, Vietnam....

Đại Nam Văn Hiến,
 Zoo Safari
Binh Duong, Vietnam

Play and Stray

After visiting the Dai Nam theme park
which we found too desolate
we decided to go to the Dai Nam Zoo Safari.

While the kids did not enjoy the Theme Park
our experience at the zoo was different…

The Dai Nam zoo was not as massive
as the San Diego Zoo,

…or as beautiful as Berlin Zoo,

…or as scenic as Amsterdam’s Artis Zoo,

…or a breathtaking
as the Taronga Zoo in Sydney...

the Dai Nam Zoo in Vietnam
has a charm of its own.

It was a huge clean and tidy
and well kept zoo.

The setting is very tropical,

...but with wide array
of animal collection
 from different parts of the world,

...wherein the kids could safely
interact with them-

...that also kept the kids going
and kept them entertained,

...their curiosity aroused...

...and a awareness heightened.

(Healthy) Feast.

One thing I got to appreciate in this zoo
is the abundance of healthy snacks
in every corner of the zoo...

from different breed of
Cherry tomatoes, tomatoes,
sugar cane, mangoes (without bagoong),
green and ripe guavas,

...and various vegetables
to munch on the go.

Cotton Candies and Ice creams?
Unfortunately for the kids
(or is is fortunately?).
they have none of those.

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