Saturday, January 12, 2013

Đại Nam Văn Hiến, The Bhuddist Temple, Binh Duong, Vietnam....

Đại Nam Văn Hiến,
The Buddhist Temple,
Binh Duong, Vietnam

If there is one place that a tourist
in Ho Chi Minh City should not miss-

…it is the beautiful Buddhist Temple
in Đại Nam Văn Hiến  that I consider
to be on  one's must visit list.

It is a massive Temple complex that was built with 
an artificial limestone cliff, as an impressive  backdrop,

...called Ngu Hanh Son Mountain Range,
the longest artificial mountain in Vietnam.

Right at the  Ngu Hanh Son Mountain Range
is a nine storey tower called Bao Thap which 
offers a magnificent view of the temple grounds.

There is also the Bao Giang River
which runs under Ngu Hanh Son Range,

…and winds around the temple.

The main entrance towards Dai Nam Square
 is guarded  by dragons and series of small temples

 ….elaborately designed and decorated
massive doors and entrances…

…that open to an 
expansive courtyard,

...of beautiful gardens,


...and an intricately decorated
majestic main temple,


...with wide array of religious statues
gilded with gold and precious gems.

No picture taking is allowed inside  the main
 temple as it is considered a holy ground.

The massiveness of place reminded me of
the Forbidden City in Beijing-
but this one is  more modern and more opulent
having been built this century.

Just because of this temple alone- 
our visit to Dai Nam was well worth the effort.

We took a taxi back Ho Chi Minh City
and we were treated with
the wonderful sights and sounds.


…of the bustling Saigon suburbs
just before dawn.

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  1. oh i rely love this place , so huge and nice man made attraction, 1 day is not enough to go around and enjoy very detail of the park.