Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rai Rai Ken; Big Servings, Big Taste

Rai Rai Ken, SM City Naga
Big Servings, Big Taste

It took us a little while to dine at
Rai Rai Ken  in SM City Naga, my
favorite Japanese  restaurant in the city. 

Rai Rai Ken Naga is a teeny weeny restaurant
and always filled to the brink with diners every
weekend and getting vacant table is very difficult.

We had a rare chance to dine at Rai Rai Ken
again last weekend and it was then I realized
how I missed their delicious and healthy dishes.

We feasted on their Fresh Tuna Sashimi,

…and consumed two servings of Salmon Sashimi
that my family appears to be addicted to.

We then gobbled up their yummy Assorted Sushi,

…and ordered another one as we seemed to have
never gotten enough on the first serving.

We then shared the Seafood Hot Pot Ramen,
made of Japanese noodles, mixed sea foods,
fish cakes, crab sticks, mussels and tofu
all floating in thick and tasty noodle soup.
It is one of their  certified bestsellers,  meant as a
full meal for one person, but comes in huge serving-
and big enough to be shared by the whole family.


They also serve Shrimp Tempura that comes
in huge baskets and served in a bed of  crispy
Vegetable Tempura and in my opinion,
the best tempura in this part of the world.

Their rice meals also comes in huge servings
like the very delicious Gyudon, a dish made of 
thinly sliced tender beef bathed in rich sauce 
and topped with fresh, raw egg,

… and their very popular and tasty  Katsudon,  
made of fried, delicious breaded pork
and  flavored Japanese spices, onions and egg.

And of course, no meal is complete in any
Japanese Restaurant with having a Kani Salad.
This Rai Rai Ken version is very, very delicious.

Rai Rai Ken is definitely one of the best
Japanese restaurants in Naga City. 

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