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Stars and Stripes Bar and Grill: Hip and Wholesome Party Venue

Stars and Stripes Bar and Grill
Hip and Wholesome Party Venue

My wife and I were in Avenue Square to shop for shoes
when we found out the American Themed Bar-
Stars and Stripes Bar and Grill was open even at daytime.

All the while we thought that this was just a bar
dedicated for wild party and raucous boozing,
and it was pleasant surprise to discover that it functions
as a wholesome family restaurant at daytime as well.

Being American cuisine fanatics, up we went to
Stars and Stripes and ordered their great American
burger by the pound and spare ribs by the slab .
It was love at first bite, obsessive craving on first taste. 

With the great tasting food that the restaurant offers,
it was a spur of the moment when we decided to
host a birthday party for our 16 year old daughter
which also happens to be the 16th anniversary of
the Endolab in Plaza Medica the next day.

Thankfully, Amor, the gracious restaurant owner
accepted our reservation for the occasion that would
be held the next day (less than 24 hours of notice).

The  Party Venue

Stars and Stripes Bar and Grill is located 
at the second floor of Avenue Square at the 
famous Magsaysay Strip in Naga City.

It is a two level restaurant,

...with the main bar and the dance floor 
located at the first level,

…and the lounge and view deck
at the second level of the restaurant.

I was expecting an Americana inspired interiors,
but was surprised to see a very Pinoy ambiance
as they used native bamboo chairs in the restaurant.

This is good as most of the bamboo motif  gives
a Filipino touch to an all- American backdrop.

…and provided the Filipino patrons something
to be comfortable and feel at home. 

The waitresses are dressed in sexy outfits
reminiscent of Hooters, but more benign  
and docile and were very attentive.

All in all the ambiance is good and fits
well as a party venue and as a bar, 

…but I don’t know if it would fare as a
 wholesome family ambiance when
 it functions as a restaurant at daytime.

Maybe the staff should wear a more
conservative uniform at daytime.

Our guests included some of my daughter’s
friends and classmates, and since she is
home schooled, there were just very few of them.

Our employees at the Endolab SM and 
Plaza Medica which at the same time celebrating
 their 16th  and 4th anniversaries respectively,

…our kids’ mentors, tutors and teachers,

…and some of our Naga based relatives,

The Food

The Stars and Stripes' delectable food  
is what made us decide to have an
impromptu birthday party for our daughter.

They  have a wonderful selection of both American
and Filipino entrees when we browsed the menu,

…and served them in a buffet table assisted
by the young ladies dressed in sexy outfits .

My wife chose Pork Sinigang, a popular Filipino dish for the soup.
It was practical choice as it would serve as a soup starter
and a main dinner dish  at the same time. This would also give
our guests something  familiar to the Pinoy palate to break
the monotony of the all American dishes that we intend to order.

Surprisingly, this American restaurant dished up the most delicious
sinigang we’ve ever tasted and 100% of our 30, all Filipino guests
 were unanimous and all praises on how tasty the sinigang was.
The vegetable were not soggy, the pork was lean
and tender, and the broth just a had the right tinge
of sourness that does not overwhelm the whole dish.

The Potato with Assorted Vegetables tasted very good.
I forgot the name of the dish but the various fresh veggies
perfectly blended well with the concoction of herbs and spices.
I believe this dish was uniquely Stars and Stripes original and
I have seen this kind of dish being served in any restaurant in the city.

We also ordered Grilled Pork Chop as this popular
American dish is also just as popular among Filipinos.
Stars and Stripes grilled the chewy meat to perfection,
devoid of the overwhelming caramelized sugar that most
of what I call bastardized Filipino versions that are
too sweet for comfort and tasting more like candied meat.

This is good old pork chop was grilled plain, simple and
uncomplicated yet tasty- the way it was supposed to be.

What’s a dinner without Fried Chicken? That’s actually
what we ordered for our fourth dish for this occasion.
Just the the grilled pork chop this fried chicken was
straightforward, tasty and devoid of any artificial flavoring.

The Cajun Baked Fish Fillet completed our dinner.
It was made of baked Dory fillet strongly flavored
with the delicious Creole cooking of New Orleans
made available right at the Heart  of Bicol.

And we ended our dinner with a sweet treat
that is the heavenly Chocolate Brownies.

The Birthday Cake

A lot of our guests were impressed
on how gorgeous the birthday cake was
as it was arranged as a backdrop by
the Stars and Stripes staff and it was
baked and designed by Cake My Day.

We were grateful as this wonderful cake shop
had accepted our orders on a very short notice,

…and we are so thankful that it had been’
creating wonderful cakes for my family
for the past few years, that it would be a
subject for my blog in the near future.

Our host, Americans Brent and Amor
were very gracious and accommodating,
led the group on signing birthday greetings
on the birthday tarp that they had put up.

We reserved the place for 5 to 8 PM only
but they were generous enough to let us stay
a little bit longer without an extra charge.

Indeed, Stars and Stripes is American
owned and American operated (as most of the
management staff were Americans)  and may be
a popular venue for wild and rough parties at night,

,,,but definitely  still  have the  Filipino- like hospitality
and a hip venue for a wholesome birthday party as well.

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