Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Crossroads Cafe at Hotel St Ellis

Crossroads Café at Hotel St. Ellis
Legazpi City's Best Rated Hotel

I arrived late in the afternoon in Hotel St. Ellis
in Albay after a two hour drive from Naga City,

…where I would speak for a roundtable
discussion in a medical forum  for the 
Albay Medical Society in Legazpi City.

A dinner buffet  was served for the doctors at
the function room but I decided not  to eat there
as I did not want to feel stuffy during my lecture.

The venue was excellent, the food was superb,
the audience was  attentive and pro- active, so
my lecture went  smoothly without any glitch.

I was starving after the lecture, we went
down to  the Crossroads Café at the
ground floor  for a much needed dinner.

We ordered Bacon and Potato Chowder 
for  a starter and it was very delicious.

My companion ordered  St. Ellis Cheeseburger 
as she wanted to try it after I recommended that
this is one of then best tasting burgers in Bicol.
It is made of 100% imported Angus beef and
served with home style potato chips as a side dish.

She found the burger  too big so she had it  
halved  as she might not able to eat everything
so she could share it with someone else .
Interestingly  they both loved the burger.

I ordered  Braised Pork Belly, and I was initially
hesitant to eat it as there was just too much fat.
But when I sunk my teeth  into it- it was pure bliss.


The pork belly t was cooked to a perfect chewy
tenderness and it was so delicious  with all the
savory flavors bursting in your mouth, that you
wouldn’t  care about the fat and the grease at all.

We ended our dinner with a serving of Pili Cheesecake. 
It  is was a unique Bicol version of New York  Style
cheesecake but used honeyed Crispy Pili as toppings
instead of the traditional  blueberries. It  tasted
okay but I find it too dry to swallow  for a dessert.

It would have been better if it were topped by a
caramelized version or maybe a watered down
version of  Coconut Jam with Pili Nuts as it would 
 have provided the  right moisture  needed and
a perfect substitute for the luscious blueberries. 

St Ellis Hotel has topped Trip Advisor’s Best Reviewed
Hotels in Legazpi City and it has proven to be so,

... as an excellent  meeting venue  and having served 
some of  the best and most innovative  dishes in the city.

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