Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Okuya Naga: Eat Good, Feel Good Restaurant

Okuya Naga 
Eat Good, Feel Good Restaurant 
We were able to dine at Okuya again when by
a strike good luck, we chanced upon a car leaving
the Piazza’s perpetually full packed car park.

The kids were amused of Okuya’s signage
where the O’s back light was busted and the
Japanese restaurant interestingly appeared
like an endearing Pinoy restaurant called Kuya.

We wanted to eat light, and Okuya is a just what
we needed and an ideal and healthy choice among
the numerous restaurants  in the Magsaysay Strip.

Okuya has a fastfood- type counter
where the menu is displayed in huge
lighted signages so ordering is a breeze.

We started our dinner with Kani Salad. This is our all time favorite salad.
Kani, a Japanese sushi item made of an artifical crab stick, mixed with
chopped cucumber and cabbage, bathed with Japanese mayonnaise and
topped with raw fish roe. Okuya’s version is definitely the best in town,


My son ordered a Fish Teriyaki Katsu, as he
wanted full meal which was served in a bento box.

It had two pieces of fried fish fillet bathed
is tasty and tangy teriyaki sauce and could
be eaten mixed with steamed rice- Pinoy style.

It also came with Stir Fried Bean Sprouts with green legumes,
carrots and cabbage. Most Japanese versions of this dish are bland
but this one was concocted with the Pinoy palate in mind. It has a
bit more of soy sauce making it more tasty, but not sickeningly salty.


A bowl of Miso Soup was served
 for free with the bento meral.


The Beef Ramen may be the best in town and our
favorite dish in Okuya, so we ordered two bowls.

We also could not get enough of their delicious
Salmon Sashimi which we gobbled it up in a jiffy,

… that we decided to order another one.

We also loved the Tuna Sashimi
that tasted so fresh and divine.

This was the first time we ate sushis by hand instead of chopsticks.
We recently learned on Jessica Soho’s KMJS episode that sushis
are supposed to be eaten by hand. I would not recommend doing that
when dining in Okuya. Their Assorted Sushi was very delicious and
one would end up eating more. It is easier and faster eaten handheld.

We ordered Assorted Tempura,

…but later ended up ordering another Shrimp Tempura.
Okuya’s WIFI password that night; “thebesttempuraever”
says it all.  I hope they change it as I could not think for the right
words to describe the dish without revealing the password.

We also decided to try the Dory Steak and
it tasted a bit like the Fish Teriyaki Katsu
but we didn’t care as it was just as delicious.

We had their signature Iced Tea for refreshment
but I would recommend Strawberry Red Iced Tea
that we found to be invigoratingly delicious. 

I was a little disappointed that that Laing Maki
was not available, but we’ll try it again next time.

We intended to eat light in Okuya, but we
failed  to do so as the food was very delicious,
as we ended up ordering more  and eating more.

But the good thing with Okuya’s Japanese dishes, despite our eating binge,
what we had was good food, so we still feel good, with less post- meal
guilt compared to what one would feel when dining in regular restaurants.

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