Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bagasbas Lighthouse Resort Hotel: Stay Stray Play and Feast

Bagasbas Lighthouse Resort Hotel
Bagasbas, Daet Camarines Norte
Stay Stray Play and  Feast
(Bagasbas Beach Series 1)


I was scheduled to speak at a weekend symposium
for the Camarines Norte Medical Society
which would be held at Catherine’s Restaurant at
Bagasbas Lighthouse Resort and Hotel.

I googled the hotel’s webpage in the internet and
 I was  impressed to learn  how beautiful the hotel was.
So we packed up for a weekend beach holiday
in Bagasbas Beach, a famous surfing destination.

We arrived late in the afternoon after
a two- hour very scenic drive from Naga City
few hours before my lecture,  
and we checked in on a family room.

It had one queen sized bed and another
double bed, enough for the whole family
squeeze in for a good night sleep.

The room entrance had the view of
the old Daet Airport but now used as
a Parasailing Venue for tourists
looking for extreme adventure,

...and it had a balcony that offers the view
of the ocean and of the hotel garden.

The room had a 
well stocked minibar,

…flat screen LCD TV,

…there was no internet connection
in the room so the kids had to go
to the garden to to surf the net.

It had a spacious bathroom and we
were provided to basic toiletries,

…and with a mis- positioned bathtub
as the inclined side was installed
near the faucet that it would hit
your head when you recline to relax,

…while the bathtub control knob
was positioned on the other side
and one would feel a bump on the back
when you recline to relax on this side.

The room had an ample closet,
with a safety deposit box,
and guests are provided with
disposable slippers.

I found the hotel ceilings over decorated
as it made the room looked a lot smaller.


The room curtains were not thick enough
to darken the room if you want to sleep late. 

The hotel offers wide array of accommodations
ranging from standard hotel rooms
to air-conditioned trailer truck rooms. 

…and even affordable air-conditioned
trailer rooms at special backpacker’s rates.

The hotel is a budget conscious traveler’s haven,

...without really sacrificing the room standard
quality of services at very affordable rates.


The hotel had a rustic garden facing
the room balconies,

…with lots of romantic nooks,

...and quaint secluded spots
that hotel guests could visit.

It is located just infront of the
gorgeous Bagasbas Beach,

…where one could stroll and enjoy
the wide and beautiful coastline
or just laze and enjoy the sea breeze.

The hotel also has a beautiful view deck
facing Bagasbas Beach ,

..and it is where one can dine and wine
while watching the sunset and the beach
a concrete paved ‘boardwalk’ promenaders .

One can also explore the hotel garden at night it looks beautiful and very serene despite
of the busy nightlife at the bar and restaurants.


There is a lot of things to do in the hotel.
From benign activities like listening
to accoustic music at he Roberto’s Bar,

…to walking and lazing and even
swimming on the beach.

Guests may also enjoy the pool,

…and watch you favorite TV show
on a giant poolside projection TV
while swimming at night.


The hotel also has a direct access at the
old Daet Airport which is the venue
for the extreme activity like Parasailing.

…and surfers may borrow from their
numerous surfboards kept on several
lovely surfboard racks in the garden 
available for use for hotel guests.

It also offers surfing lessons for guests
wanting to learn this exciting sport.

The kids were able to avail of the
hotel’s in- house surfing lessons
which they extremely enjoyed.

My 15- year old daughter who was
a very good wake boarder was a fast learner,

…and started surfing on her fist try
like she has been doing it for a long time.

Younger kids like my son Timothy
are being taught surfing lessons
on how to balance on the knee deep shore.


My talk was held at Christine’s Restaurant
and the main restaurant of the hotel where
they serve most of the meals to their guests.

I wasn’t able to join my family for dinner 
on our first day at the  hotel as my lecture
 started at 7 PM and ended at almost 10 PM.

It was a beautiful restaurant and the interiors
remind me of most of the quaint restaurants
at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf.

Together with the kids, I woke up very early
the next day for a pre- breakfast walk at the beach, 

....and we ended up swimming and
enjoying the huge  surges of waves
swelling and flooding on the shallow shores.

We were all wet when we had our breakfast
so we decided to have out food served
in one of the nipa huts in the hotel garden.

I ordered their American Breakfast Fare
that consisted of huge homemade sausage,
eggs fried sunny side up, and toasted bread.

My daughter had Creamy Pancakes
served with an extra order of crispy bacon. 

My son and wife had Filipino breakfast
of Smoked Fish (Tinapa) served with
fried egg an d garlic rice and ‘atchara’

…and Beef Tapa also served with
fried egg, garlic rice and atchara.

We had lunch at  Catherine Restaurant
 before checking out,

...and we were asked to choose for the fresh seafood
displayed on the glass encased freezer .


There were so much choices that we had
a hard time deciding which to order.

…and we ended ordering Blue Marlin
and had it cooked as Sinigang sa Kalamansi
which tasted so good as there was just a hint of
lemon and a  the fish was so fresh that it was sweetish..

We also had  Pusit, that they
grilled to chewy perfection,

The Chop Suey was a little salty
so one could ask to tone down the
salt when they order this dish.

The Crispy Pata was very tender
and very delicious,

...and the Fried Chicken tasted
so natural devoid of any
artificial flavoring

They also serve varioous
 fresh Fruits Drinks,


...and bubbly Sodas.

The restaurant has a cooking charge 
of 150 pesos but it was well worth it.
 Who want's to eat raw food anyway?

Bagasbas Lighthouse Resort Hotel reminds me
a lot of CamSur Watersports Complex or CWC
that offers loads of fun, good accommodation, great food, 
casual beach party ready ambiance that would fit 
everybody's budget without hurting the guests' pocket.

Awesome Fun! the kids blurted when asked
about how their weekend was in Bagasbas.

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