Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Clementine and Wolverine: Perfect Premiere Partners

Clementine and Wolverine
Perfect Premiere Partners

I received four free tickets for an advance
showing of The Wolverine at SM City Naga,

...and the idea of watching the blockbuster movie
ahead of everyone else thrilled me and the kids,


…and it came with a free buffet at
Clementine’s in Magsaysay, Avenue.


Clementine is a quaint restaurant and one
of the oldest dining institutions in the city.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover
that the restaurant was newly renovated,


…and the new interiors reminded me
of the beautiful quaint cafes in Europe.

The buffet had an assortment of pastas, salads  
and a variety of mini cakes and pastries
meant for a late afternoon snack.


…there was also Roast Chicken and Rice
for those that would want an early light dinner.

We then proceeded to the beautiful
SM City Naga for the 7:20 show.


The movie was excitingly action packed,
fast- paced  and did not disappoint.


Despite having numerous dining options
in the mall, I’m thankful the sponsors chose
Clementine as Wolverine’s dining partner,


…as it provided a peaceful prelude
to the otherwise intensely raucous movie.

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