Friday, August 2, 2013

Daddy’s Grill: Best Seafood Restaurant in the City

Daddy’s Grill Seafood Galore 
Best Seafood Restaurant in the City

We we’re aware when Daddy’s Grill opened
several months ago but never really considered
dining in the restaurant as  it was an open – air
kiosk type without air conditioning.

It was the same reason why we also avoided dining
in similar popular dining establishments in the city
 like Kambingan and Ilaw sa Dahon as they are
the native “kamalig” type un- air conditioned huts.

But we were tempted to dine here when
we saw some photos  of Daddy’s Grill  posted
 on the internet showing a counter top
full  of fresh seafood...

... where  the diners would choose for their 
orders  and  the food would be cooked
 right before their very eyes.


It was seafood galore.
I have never seen seafood in such abundance
anywhere else in the city.

We saw a similar concept in the Catherine’s Restaurant
in Bagasbas, Daet where the seafood are displayed
on a glass enclosed freezer but it is not as abundant.

Daddy’s Grill may not be as sophisticated
but the seafood selection was enormous.

The extensive choice of seafood makes it difficult
for the diner to choose what to eat as it makes
you feel like you wanted to try and order everything.

I asked my wife to help me do the ordering
as it was not easy to decide due to the immense
 assortment of seafood choices.


She ordered half kilogram of Green Clams or Tahong 
which’ she instructed the chef to cook as a soup.


And it was served as a very tasty Clam Soup
with bits and pieces  of Malunggay.

We all loved the dish as it tasted very fresh
and very natural devoid of seasoning’s aftertaste.


We also ordered one kilogram of Fresh Oysters
and  the chef asked if we want to eat then raw or grilled.

We wanted the oysters grilled and he topped
 them with butter and some garnishings.

It was so delicious that we ordered
another half kilogram of grilled Oysters.

We also ordered one kilogram 
of fresh and plump Prawns,

…and it was served sautéed in Oyster Sauce.
We so loved this dish as it did not have a
 hint of any oil residue where it was sautéed.

We had a  half kilogram of Malasugui Belly,

…and they grilled it to a perfect chewiness
but still very juicy and tender.

They  served complimentary Roasted Peanuts
while they were cooking  our orders.


And we had a delicious 
Mango Float for our dessert.

The place is not as fancy as compared to
other restaurants in the city, as it was
hot, humid and did not have air-conditioning,

But who cares- everything that was served to us
was so delicious that you wouldn’t mind
the humidity, the heat, and the mayhem of
this open air restaurant.

They serve the most delicious food in this
 part of the world- and this is one restaurant 
that I could dine everyday in my life.

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  1. Thanks for recommending this. I tried it with my family yesterday and updated my post on where to eat in Naga City :)

    1. You're welcome Kara.

      It is a privilege and an honor to be visited by an established travel blogger like you.

      I also would like to thank you for tirelessly promoting our province and our region in your blog.