Friday, August 9, 2013

Max’s Restaurant: Sarap to the Bones, Sarap Balik- balikan

Max’s Restaurant, SM City Naga
Sarap to the Bones, Sarap Balik- balikan

There are restaurants in the country
 worth coming back again and again,
and Max’s Restaurant is one of them.


I cannot count the number of times
that my family dined in this restaurant
and it never fails to satisfy our taste buds.

It is a restaurant that reminds you of home.
I remember dining in one of their branches
in National City in San Diego in the past and it
was such nice dinner break feasting on Pinoy dishes
after gorging on American fares of burgers and steaks.

We again returned to Max’s SM City Naga
after deliberating where to eat after work  on
 a Saturday night. Our bucket list on where and what
 restaurants to dine seem to have ran out. 

It was raining hard, the traffic was horrible and
we couldn’t find any parking in Magsaysay Avenue,
so when I suggested we better dine at Max’s
at SM City Naga, no one raised a howl.

Max’s SM City Naga was full packed when we arrived
and luckily it only took us few minutes to get a table.

The good thing with this restaurant is that
almost all the dishes they offer in their menu
are delicious classic Filipino fares that one
will never go wrong whatever you choose.

We started with a deliciously spiced 
sweet and tangy Gambas as appetizer
which came with a several loaves of bread.

Then came the Sinigang na Bangus Belly
Which had a perfect  blend of sourness
that your face would not end wrinkled- up
when you savor the mildly acerbic soup.

My son who is a certified pescetarian who
needs to be persuaded to eat meat,  the
Sweet and Sour Fish came as a special treat
as it is one of his favorite dishes.

And of course, a dinner at the restaurant
is never complete without the classic
sarap to the bonesMax’s Fried Chicken

…that could be eaten even without those horrible
tasting Banana Ketchup provided on every table
of all Max’s Restaurant all over the world.

Sometimes it makes me wonder if the restaurant
management had ever heard  of better tasting
tomato  ketchup  like Hunt’s, Del Monte and  Heinz?

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